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Tallha Abdulrazaq


Tallha Abdulrazaq is a researcher at the University of Exeter's Strategy and Security Institute and winner of the 2015 Al Jazeera Young Researcher Award. His research focuses on Middle Eastern security and counter-terrorism issues. Follow him on Twitter: @thewarjournal

Whilst the main protagonists of the Iran-Iraq War have long departed, the seeds sowed by the conflict continue to have rippling effects for the region today. With Iranian soft power at unprecedented levels, what will the future hold for Iraq?

22 September, 2021

Comment: Sectarianism is seen as the tragic norm in today's Middle Eastern conflicts, but its roots were put down 40 years ago during the Iran-Iraq war, writes Talha Abdulrazaq

09 October, 2020

Comment: May will not just be remembered for her failure to conduct an orderly Brexit, but for how she failed the common people at home and abroad, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

24 May, 2019

In the aftermath of George HW Bush's death, speaking the truth on the former president's grim legacy shouldn't be hushed, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

01 December, 2018

Comment: YouGov's campaign has undermined the integrity of all polling groups, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

16 October, 2018

Comment: Khabib Nurmagomedov's post-fight behaviour was indefensible, but Conor McGregor's racist comments cannot be dismissed as 'just trash talk', either writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

09 October, 2018

Comment: It would be naive to forget the actions and deep-rooted bonds of Sadr's past, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

18 May, 2018

Comment: Given the sectarian divisions gripping Iraq today, it cannot truly be said that the country is engaging in democracy, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

11 May, 2018

Comment: Once again, the YPG has callously prioritised their relationship with the Syrian regime over the Syrian people, who have been struggling for their freedom since 2011, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

02 March, 2018

Comment: Iraq’s Kurds overestimated the effectiveness of the Peshmerga, and missed an historic opportunity to protect their interests from Iran by allying with the Sunni Arabs, writes Tallha Abdulrazaq.

20 October, 2017