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Rosie McCabe

Rosie McCabe

Rosie McCabe is a London-based journalist. She is studying journalism at City, University of London with a focus on humanitarian reporting.

Follow her on Twitter: @RosieMcCabe3

In-depth: The campaign linking Local Government Pension Schemes in the UK to Israel's illegal settlements is nothing new. However, pro-Palestine campaigners say that divestments may come soon as a 'domino effect' takes hold.

20 July, 2021

The by-election in Batley and Spen has become a contentious battleground for Labour to prove its continued relevance and face-off challengers. Traditionally Labour voters, the local Muslim community are shifting their political loyalties.

01 July, 2021

A refugee support coalition has urged the UK government to 'rethink its proposals' on immigration.

03 June, 2021

In-depth: The World Bank's threat to suspend coronavirus financing over Lebanon's queue-jumping scandal shows there is no easy answer to vaccine corruption.

25 March, 2021