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James J. Zogby

J. Zogby

James J. Zogby is the president of the Arab American Institute.

Comment: Normalising relations with Israel merely emboldens the occupiers to consolidate their annexation of Palestinian land, writes James J. Zogby.

05 November, 2018

Comment: The move shows the US no longer sees Palestinians as a separate people deserving of their own direct access to the US, writes James J. Zogby.

25 October, 2018

Comment: The effort to conflate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism silences debate, and distracts from the effort to root out real anti-Semitism, writes James J. Zogby.

11 October, 2018

Comment: Trump used the lure of the two-state solution in an attempt to make news, but failed miserably, writes James J. Zogby.

01 October, 2018

Comment: In threatening to take the Palestinian right of return off the table, Trump is aligning himself with some of Israel's worst human rights abuses, writes James J. Zogby.

14 September, 2018

Comment: The 1988 Democratic Convention was the first time we openly debated Palestine, and holds some important lessons for us today, writes James J. Zogby.

28 August, 2018

Comment: For Arab Americans, suffering demeaning discrimination as they try to travel to visit their relatives is nothing new, writes James Zogby.

20 August, 2018

Comment: James J. Zogby takes stock of forty years of campaigning for Palestinian rights, and discusses reasons to believe we might finally be turning a corner.

06 August, 2018

Comment: We can only imagine what the Middle East would be like, if 15 years ago the US hadn't engaged in the foolish war in Iraq, writes James J. Zogby.

30 July, 2018

Comment: The Irish senate's bill to bar Israeli goods produced in the occupied Palestinian territories sets an example to the rest of Europe, writes James J. Zogby.

16 July, 2018