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Rami G. Khouri


Rami G. Khouri is Director of Global Engagement and senior public policy fellow at the American University of Beirut, and a non-resident senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

The long read: For the first time ever, protesters in Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan and Algeria share a defiant vision of self-determination and popular consent, writes Rami Khouri.

10 December, 2019

Comment: Failing to address the core drivers of mass citizen discontent and dehumanisation that gave birth to this terror will allow a new Baghdadi to rise, writes Rami Khouri.

29 October, 2019

Comment: The future of Lebanon's unprecedented protests rests on whether its citizens refuse to go back to 'business as usual' this week, writes Rami Khouri.

22 October, 2019

Comment: For too long, government disdain for citizens' rights and needs has generated daily humiliation, degradation and helplessness among ordinary Arab citizens, writes Rami Khouri.

07 October, 2019

Comment: On Khashoggi, Yemen and Iran, Mohammed bin Salman repeated old and meaningless policy positions that have been catastrophic for the region, writes Rami Khouri.

30 September, 2019

Comment: Israel's string of attacks on foes in different countries highlights a disturbing trend towards warfare involving myriad groups armed with advancing technological capabilities, writes Rami Khouri.

26 August, 2019

Comment: After wasting trillions and causing irreparable damage, Washington decided to give negotiations a chance in Afghanistan, exposing the incoherence of its decades-long war on terror, writes Rami G. Khouri

14 August, 2019

Comment: The disturbingly high number of children killed in conflict in 2018 reveals the dark truths of modern warfare, writes Rami Khouri.

30 July, 2019

Comment: Whether or not Netanyahu allows the trip, it will open a debate around BDS and unacceptable Israeli policies, and will cause Israel significant diplomatic damage, writes Rami Khouri.

19 July, 2019

Comment: A new global balance of power that rectifies the 'unipolar' American-dominated world order may be starting to take shape, writes Rami Khouri.

11 July, 2019