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Yvo Fitzherbert


Yvo Fitzherbert is a freelance journalist based in Turkey. He has written on Kurdish politics, the Syrian war and the refugee crisis for a variety of Turkish and English publications. Twitter handle: @yvofitz.

Comment: President Erdogan relied on sowing violence and exploiting fears of chaos to renew his grip on Turkey's political scene, writes Yvo Fitzherbert

03 November, 2015

Comment: On the eve of the elections, Turkey's capital was ravaged with a twin bomb attacks on Saturday. The government's negligence should be pointed out and questioned, writes Yvo Fitzherbert.

15 October, 2015

Comment: The Turkish premier has been forced to abandon his plans to oust Assad, writes Yvo Fitzherbert.

08 October, 2015

Comment: As the peace process between Turkish government and Kurds' PKK breaks down, Turkish nationalists and Erdogan's ruling party legitimise disproportionate violence against Kurds through systematic dehumanisation of Kurdish civilians.

21 September, 2015