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Paul Iddon


Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

Analysis: In the space of a few short years, Iran has supplied its militia proxies across the Middle East with unprecedented drone capabilities, significantly upping the stakes for its regional adversaries.

11 October, 2021

Analysis: Iraqis have suffered from 30 years of chronic electricity shortages, with successive wars, international sanctions, mismanagement, and rising demand all playing a part.

21 July, 2021

Analysis: Turkey is deforesting swathes of land along the border in Iraqi Kurdistan to pave the way for roads, enabling further military expansion in the region.

18 June, 2021

In-depth: Baghdad once sought to abolish the KRG's comparably liberal visa system. Now, new reforms will make it easier for foreign visitors to get an Iraqi visa on arrival.

06 April, 2021

Analysis: The US is mulling limiting any future arms deals with Saudi Arabia to 'defensive' weapons. This has been tried before.

22 March, 2021

Analysis: Iran-backed militias want to maintain dominance in Sinjar as an access point to Syria, but would they arm the PKK if Turkey launches a military operation in the region?

10 March, 2021

Analysis: Has Ankara's role in northern Syria made any positive impact, or will it ultimately be counterproductive?

16 February, 2021

Analysis: With Haftar's allies divided, questions loom about the LNA leader's future role in Libya.

06 January, 2021

Analysis: Putin has always endorsed authoritarian rule in the Middle East and Russia has profited significantly from the brutal subversion of popular uprisings.

18 December, 2020

Analysis: Iraqi Kurdistan hopes to avoid becoming entangled in a regional cold war.

07 July, 2020