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Tanya Goudsouzian and Lara Fatah


Comment: In mad scramble for seats in parliament, the fragmented political scene in the Kurdish region risks further weakening their position in Baghdad, write Tanya Goudsouzian and Lara Fatah.

10 May, 2018

Blog: Against the backdrop of political uncertainty and economic stagnation, Kurd Idol offers an upbeat diversion for war-weary Kurds.

17 February, 2017

In-depth: As Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' hits headlines and airports, Kurds are reminded, once again, of the old adage, 'all's fair in love and war'.

30 January, 2017

When apathy is the order of the day, the only way to cash in may be to run a cafe for philosophers, write Tanya Goudsouzian and Lara Fatah.

09 December, 2016