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Naveed Ahmad


Naveed Ahmad is an investigative journalist and academic based in Qatar. In over 20 years of writing and reporting, he has focused on diplomacy, security and governance. Ahmad won the Jefferson Fellowship in 2000 and UNAOC-ICFJ Cross-Cultural Reporting Award 2010.

Comment: Despite Turkey's admirable support for democratic movements in the Arab World, liberties at home have been curtailed, threatening hopes for freedom in the region, says Naveed Ahmad.

05 March, 2016

Comment: Definitions of the Middle East, much like its borders, have been imposed on the region by others, writes Naveed Ahmad.

21 January, 2016

Comment: Beijing is known for its long-term pragmatism, and is investing massively in the infrastructure needed to develop oil and gas imports, writes Naveed Ahmad.

07 January, 2016

Comment: With a desire to reduce gas dependency on Russia amid a diplomatic crisis, Ankara is looking to its regional friends to help diversify its energy sources, writes Naveed Ahmad.

29 December, 2015

Comment: An ideology cannot be destroyed with missiles, and the geopolitical point-scoring between global powers is not an attempt to help Syrians, writes Naveed Ahmad.

09 November, 2015

Analysis: The rise of the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq has helped inspire and embolden South Asia's more extreme factions of the Taliban.

01 April, 2015

Analysis: Obama is discussing an entirely new relationship between the world’s two largest democracies that could have profound consequences for the world order.

10 March, 2015

The murder of more than 100 children and their teachers exposes the murderous narrative of the criminal attackers.

17 December, 2014