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Stasa Salacanin


Stasa Salacanin is a freelance journalist who writes for several newspapers across the Middle East, including BQ Doha and Qatar Today. He has written extensively on Middle Eastern affairs, trade and political relations, Syria and Yemen, terrorism and defence.

Divided opinion over the normalisation deal risks complicating already tense relations among Yemen's political factions.

11 September, 2020

The agreement has amplified regional divisions but also formalised new fault lines. So who could be next to establish official ties with Israel?

28 August, 2020

Jordan has closed the teachers' union and arrested dozens of members to quell recent protests. But the crackdown on civic dissent could come at a cost.

14 August, 2020

Libya's conflict has exposed deep divides within the EU and Nato, leaving non-Western powers to fill the vacuum.

24 July, 2020

Annexation of the West Bank could be the final blow to Jordan's peace treaty with Israel.

03 July, 2020

A poor human rights record, broadcast piracy and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi are casting a shadow over the Saudi-funded takeover.

12 June, 2020

The EU is a staunch defender of the two-state solution but remains divided on how to push back against Israel's annexation plans.

11 June, 2020

A bid by separatists to assert control over southern Yemen has pushed the country closer to fragmentation.

21 May, 2020

Migrant workers in the Gulf are bearing the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic as states introduce strict quarantine measures and travel bans.

08 April, 2020

Although Turkey announced the end of their operations in northern Syria late last year, many unknowns still remain, as it is unclear what comes next both militarily and diplomatically.

15 January, 2020