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Khuloud Rabah Sulaiman

Rabah Sulaiman

Khuloud Rabah Sulaiman is a Gaza-based writer with, a storytelling project that pairs professional writers around the world with developing English learners in the Strip to tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news.

In-depth: The New Arab follows the stories of four Palestinians who suffered unspeakable losses during Israel's deadly assault on Gaza.

10 June, 2021

With wedding halls closed, couples in Gaza have settled for small and simple home ceremonies instead of traditionally elaborate celebrations.

03 June, 2020

The Agricultural Association of Beit Hanoun came up with the idea of establishing a fried-potato factory offering the extra advantage of providing stable employment for women in Gaza.

02 July, 2019

The UNRWA just about overcame its US-induced funding shortfall, but the organisation has still failed to restore the pay and positions it had cut earlier, causing protests in Gaza.

16 January, 2019