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The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The New Arab (From the Arabic Edition)

The murder of a young woman in Baghdad last week by her brother brought the issue of domestic violence in Iraq to the fore at a time when murder rates are rising all over the country, and in which women are invariably the victims.

13 September, 2021

As schools across the world prepare for the new academic year, teachers across northwest Syria are cautiously optimistic that increased funding, improved coronavirus measures, and a return of children to schools may spell a better year.

07 September, 2021

Society: Women in Libya are breaking boundaries in their working lives as well as in the realm of education and social life. Many are wondering if these changes are here to stay, or whether they are a transient after-effect of the war.

06 September, 2021

Serious risks to public health and the environment are being posed by gold mining in Sudan. The government is failing to provide regulatory safeguards to curb the devastating and polluting impact of the lucrative industry.

02 September, 2021

Protests against Israeli settlement activity rocked a number of Palestinian villages on Friday, but were met with force by Israeli troops, who fired rubber bullets and tear gas, injuring dozens of Palestinians.

27 August, 2021

Izzat Al-Rishq, a senior member of Hamas' Political Bureau, thanked the Jordanian king for allowing the movement's leaders to attend the funeral of Ibrahim Ghosheh, a former Hamas spokesman.

27 August, 2021

Jordan's coronavirus vaccine uptake has been lagging, with fears of side effects and distrust of the government being leading reasons for the reluctance to get vaccinated among many.

26 August, 2021

Soaring temperatures and electricity cuts in the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in south Lebanon have not stopped nurses from organising a free training programme for young camp residents to plug the gap in elderly care provision in the camp.

25 August, 2021

The RPG attack comes days before the Al-Rafidain Centre for Dialogue hosts an international conference that brings together senior Iraqi government officials and American research bodies, including the United States Institute for Peace.

24 August, 2021

On Thursday evening Israeli planes allegedly fired a series of missiles into Syria using Lebanese airspace, forcing two civilian planes to reroute and prompting Lebanese anger at the violation of Lebanon's sovereignty and danger to its civilians.

20 August, 2021