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Danny Makki

Danny Makki


Danny Makki is an analyst covering the internal dynamics of the conflict in Syria, he specializes in Syria’s relations with Russia and Iran. Danny has worked as a consultant for the Atlantic Magazine and as a journalist reporting from Syria for the BBC, Channel 4, NBC and the Telegraph. Danny is co-founder of the Syrian Digital Media group, a platform promoting freedom of press and digital development in Syria.  


A series of sculptured doves have appeared in the alleyways of Damascus's Old City. The public exhibition, organised by a group of Syrian artists in collaboration with the Kozah art gallery, is a creative outpouring of grief, suffering and hope.

19 May, 2022

Despite recruiting tens of thousands of Syrian fighters to support its war effort, Russia has yet to deploy them, likely due to their unfamiliarity with the terrain. But Moscow could still call on them at any moment, writes Danny Makki.

27 April, 2022