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Mohammad Fadilat

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Mohammad Fadilat
Mohammad Fadilat

Mohammad Fadilat is Jordanian correspondent for al-Araby al-Jadeed.

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Jordan says Israeli policies 'testing patience'

13 October, 2015

Israeli polices and practices at al-Aqsa mosque and the rest of occupied Palestine were testing the patience of Jordan, a minister said on Tuesday.

Islamic State 'kills own Jordanian commander'

06 October, 2015

The Islamic State group (IS) has reportedly executed senior Jordanian commander Saad al-Hunaiti for 'disobeying orders', fighters from Nusra Front and other militant groups in Syria and Iraq said Tuesday.

Syrian children, wounded and vulnerable deported from Jordan

28 April, 2015

Feature: Jordan is facing criticism for deporting Syrian refugees under the pretext of "state security", despite the dangers the Syrians face at home.

Yacoub Zayadin: Jordan’s ‘Communist Doctor’ dies

06 April, 2015

Former Secretary General of the Communist Party in Jordan and a leading figure in Arab progressive politics has died aged 95. Mohammad al-Fadilat looks back at a remarkable life.

The legacy of Mashhoor Hadeetha el-Jazi, hero of Karamah

23 March, 2015

Analysis: While the anniversary of an historic victory against the Israeli military is downplayed in Jordan, analysts agree the battle was decided by one man.

Libya PM: allies preparing 'Arab taskforce' to fight IS

04 March, 2015

Abdullah al-Thani says Jordan, Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia close to creating force to tackle the Islamic State group, adding that Libya's forces to be restructured by Jordan.

Gulf states must pay 'protection money', demands Jordan MP

25 February, 2015

Analysis: The Jordanian budget debate is focused on the burden of supporting Syrian refugees, with MPs demanding international support for the security provided by the kingdom's armed forces.

Jordan launches retaliatory raids on IS bases

05 February, 2015

Jordanian fighter jets pounded Islamic State group training camps and ammunition depots, fulfilling promises to avenge the death of murdered pilot Moaz al-Kassasbeh.

Marginalising moderates in Jordan’s fight against ‘Islamic State’

10 October, 2014

Poverty and political isolation in the kingdom may act as recruiting tools for the armed group.

Mohammad Fadilat
Mohammad Fadilat

Mohammad Fadilat is Jordanian correspondent for al-Araby al-Jadeed.

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