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In IS training camp, children told: Behead the doll

20 July, 2015

Children and adults reveal how Islamic State sets about brainwashing and training their young recruits as part of concerted effort to build a new generation of extremists.

Biking across gender barriers in Iran

12 June, 2015

A young woman's love of motocross racing is breaking gender barriers in Iran, where it is illegal for women to ride motorcycles in public.

Suicide bomber attacks Egyptian tourist spot at Luxor

10 June, 2015

Bomber explodes before reaching Karnak temple, and two accomplices either killed or wounded in exchange of fire with police, according to reports.

Kerry to meet Zarif for latest US-Iran nuclear talks

29 May, 2015

Weekend meeting expected in Switzerland for US and Iran's chief diplomats.

IS fighters abduct dozens of Christians in Syria

24 February, 2015

The Islamic State group have taken between 70 and 100 Assyrians captive as fighting continues to rage in the area.

Egyptian activist Abdel-Fattah jailed for 5 years

23 February, 2015

A court in Egypt jails Alaa Abdel Fattah, an icon of the 2011 revolution for five years, a day after the country's president promised to release "wrongly jailed youths."

Netanyahu: I know details of US-Iran nuclear deal

20 February, 2015

Israeli prime minister says he knows everything about proposed agreement over Iran's nuclear programme after US says it is withholding information from Israel to avoid leaks.

New Tunisian government approved by parliament

05 February, 2015

Prime Minister Habib Essid's cabinet gets vote of confidence from the Tunisia's lawmakers.

Obama arrives in Riyadh, defends US - Saudi ties

27 January, 2015

The American president arrived in Riyadh Tuesday accompanied by a high ranking delegation for talks with the new Saudi monarch and senior figures, underlying the key role Saudi Arabia plays in US foreign policy in the Middle East.

Charlie Hebdo to feature Prophet Muhammad on front page

13 January, 2015

French satirical magazine says it will print three million copies in 16 languages of first edition after Paris attack, as Muslim groups urge calm response.

France mobilises 10,000 troops in wake of Hebdo attacks

12 January, 2015

Government minister says he believes there are more accomplices on the run following deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo office in Paris last week.

Egyptian men cleared of gay bathhouse 'debauchery'

12 January, 2015

Court clears 26 men whose arrest in a Cairo public bathhouse was broadcast live on Egyptian TV as part of state crackdown on homosexual activity.

Associated Press
Associated Press

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