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Mohammed al-Fudailat

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Mohammed al-Fudailat
Mohammed al-Fudailat

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Jordan unveils democratic reforms

31 August, 2015

The Jordanian government has finished working on a new draft electoral law, abolishing the first-past-the-post vote system, expanding districts and lowering the number of seats in the House of Representatives.

Jordan human rights record shamed in report

18 August, 2015

National Centre for Human Rights criticises resumption of executions, says complaints of state torture are rising and the government does little to investigate violations.

Hunger strike for father of Jordanian prisoner in Israel

18 June, 2015

Mehdi Suleiman is demanding that Amman officials arrange for him to visit his son in jail.

An Iraqi in Amman: Waiting for a better future

14 April, 2015

An Iraqi woman living in poverty in Amman talks about her life, lost hope for her home country and her wish to emigrate to Sweden or Australia.

Moaz, the martyr from Liwa Ayy

04 February, 2015

The forgotten village of Liwa Ayy, 20km from Karak, will forever be remembered as the birthplace of Moaz Kassasbeh, the pilot killed by the Islamic State.

IS may seek prisoner swap for captured pilot

26 December, 2014

The Islamic State group may be willing to swap the captured Kasasba for two prisoners on death row in Jordan on terrorism offences. Whether Jordan will negotiate remains to be seen.

Capture of pilot by IS provokes controversy in Jordan

25 December, 2014

The downing of a Jordanian plane and its pilot's capture cause Jordanians to question their government's participation in anti-Islamic State coalition.

Syrian Bedouin fear Jordan refugee camps

16 December, 2014

Refugees say they would rather return to Syria than be forced into one of the government's camps.

Jordanian pro-reform activist killed fighting in Syria

02 November, 2014

Jihad was active in leftist and Islamist political circles. His death came as a shock to many.

Mohammed al-Fudailat
Mohammed al-Fudailat

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