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Said Arikat

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Said Arikat
Said Arikat

Arikat is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Jerusalem-based Palestinian newspaper al-Quds.

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Palestinian defiance destabilises Israel and undermines Abbas' Authority

02 November, 2015

Comment: The latest uprising of Palestinian teenagers believes that Israel is no longer the only target of resistance, writes Said Arikat.

Obama's on a roll on Iran, and AIPAC's panicking

27 August, 2015

Comment: Democratic Party senators are lining up behind the US president's nuclear deal, and the Israel lobby knows it, says Said Arikat.

One Palestinian's fight for justice is inspiration for all

11 August, 2015

Comment: Abu Nadeem found evidence showing his son died by an Israeli bullet. That work led to a court case. His story is an example to all, says Said Arikat.

Kerry plays charades at Iran deal Senate hearing

24 July, 2015

Comment: Billed as a serious grilling over one of the most historic geopolitical agreements of recent years, the US secretary of state's appearance was more like a parlour game.

The Iran deal will be concrete, despite Congressional opposition

14 July, 2015

Analysis: The Iran nuclear deal now faces a tough test to win domestic US approval, but the experts are lining up to endorse a victory for diplomacy.

With BDS, Palestinians have got a winning formula

08 July, 2015

Comment: With all the efforts to fight it, outlaw it and shut it down, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement must be doing something right, writes Said Arikat.

The liberation of Barack Obama

01 July, 2015

Comment: The US president is riding high after a series of political victories, but more work remains in the months he has left in office, writes Said Arikat.

Dismissing Israel's war crimes undermines Washington's moral fabric

25 June, 2015

Comment: By rejecting any suggestion that Israel may have been wrong in waging war(s) on Gaza, the United States is losing what credibility it had in the Middle East.

US troops and weapons will not solve Iraq's chaos

18 June, 2015

Comment: Expending more blood and treasure will compound the disaster in the Middle East. Only long-term co-operation from a stable Iraqi government will solve its problems, says Said Arikat.

How many children must suffer before Israel is shamed?

11 June, 2015

Comment: Under US pressure, the UN omitted Israel from its 'list of shame' of violators of children's rights during conflict. What legitimacy does such a list have, asks Said Arikat.

BDS incites panic in Israel

06 June, 2015

Comment: As the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement gathers international momentum, attempts by Israel to delegitimise it, are akin to McCarthyism in 1950s America, writes Said Arikat.

Blair's departure: More questions than answers

01 June, 2015

Comment: The former British prime minister's tenure as a "peace envoy" achieved little, other than bolstering Israel's military occupation and his own bank balance, says Said Arikat.

Said Arikat
Said Arikat

Arikat is the Washington Bureau Chief for the Jerusalem-based Palestinian newspaper al-Quds.

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