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Rami Almeghari

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Rami Almeghari
Rami Almeghari

Almeghari is a Gaza-based journalist

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Israel pushes Palestine home demolitions to secure annexation project

01 August, 2019

Analysis: Israel launched home demolitions in Area A of the West Bank, crossing a new threshold in its war on the two-state solution. But the Palestinians response has been ineffective

Why are Palestinians fleeing Gaza and heading to Turkey?

19 July, 2019

Feature: An increasing amount of Gazans are leaving the impoverished Strip and heading to Turkey to be illegally smuggled into Europe, with hopes of a better life there.

Gazans struggle to mark holy month of Ramadan

17 May, 2019

Feature: Husband and wife Ramzy and Taghreed are finding it difficult to mark the holy month of Ramadan in Gaza as economic woes continue.

Elderly Palestinians dream of returning to their stolen homeland

15 May, 2019

Feature: They lost their loved ones, their lands, their homes, but not their identity. The New Arab speaks to two elderly Palestinians who reminisce the day of the Nakba.

Gaza marks one year of Great Return marches

23 April, 2019

Palestinians in Gaza mark the first anniversary of the Great March of Return, during which they assert their right to return to their homes in what is now Israel.

Will Israel will ever be held to account?

25 March, 2019

In-depth: A new UN report suggests war crimes have been carried out against Palestinian protesters. But Gazans have heard this before, reports Rami Almeghari.

Gaza's amputees empowered with small business grants

22 March, 2019

Thousands of Palestinians in Gaza have suffered debilitating injuries in a series of Israeli attacks in the past decades, reports Rami Almeghari.

Gazans set to return to Umrah pilgrimage

21 February, 2019

In-depth: After four years, Egypt is opening its border to Palestinians in Gaza who want to take part in the Umrah pilgrimage to Mecca, reports Rami Almeghari.

Gaza's children's hospitals face fuel crisis

19 February, 2019

Medics are praying the lights stay on at children's hospitals, as key life-supporting systems are under threat from Gaza's lack of generator fuel, reports Rami Almeghari.

Gaza refugee camp finally gets clean water

23 January, 2019

There are now 20 water filling stations across the Maghazi refugee camp, home to almost 38,000 Palestinian refugees.

Palestinian prisoners to fight new Israeli jail restrictions

18 January, 2019

Showers are to be limited, and political rivals housed together, writes Rami Almeghari.

Sold a lemon: Gaza's citrus fruits no longer exported

21 December, 2018

The ongoing Israeli siege means Palestinian farmers in Gaza only sell to the local market, reports Rami Almeghari.

Rami Almeghari
Rami Almeghari

Almeghari is a Gaza-based journalist

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