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Paul McLoughlin

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Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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Syria Insight: Russia moves into Iran-controlled eastern Syria

04 August, 2020

Eastern Syria has been viewed as under Iran's sphere of interest, but the resource-rich region remains a lucrative area for Russia too.

Syria's predictable faux election still had a few surprises

22 July, 2020

Syria's parliamentary elections resulted in another predictably huge win for the ruling Baath Party, but there were still some insights into the state of the economy.

Syria Insight: Russia weaponises aid as Syrians go hungry

20 July, 2020

Aid has been a bargaining tool by powers in the Syria war, but with the coronavirus crisis sweeping through the country it has become a matter of life or death.

Syria Insight: German court case highlights Assad's torture legacy

06 July, 2020

Syria Insight: A German court case has gripped the Syrian diaspora in Europe, shedding light on Assad's notorious campaign of torture.

Syria Insight: Suweida's autonomy threatened by new economic uncertainties

22 June, 2020

Suweida has enjoyed a great degree of autonomy from regime rule during the war, but the dire economic situation in Syria is hitting home.

Syria fighting could lead to coronavirus outbreak in Idlib

17 June, 2020

There are fears of an escalation in fighting in Idlib province, potentially leading to a new humanitarian crisis.

Syria Insight: Syria's collapsing economy threatens Assad's rule

07 June, 2020

The Syrian economy has not looked in a worse position for decades with few options for the bankrupt regime.

Digital diplomacy could reshape politics in the Middle East

29 May, 2020

Could digital diplomacy be the answer to inequality and war in the Middle East?

How Iran's Quds Day propaganda pictures backfired

26 May, 2020

Iran's Quds Day propaganda has backfired, with Tehran's role in the Syria war brought to task.

Syria Weekly: Fears over 'under the radar' coronavirus epidemic

24 May, 2020

Areas outside Syrian regime control remain at a major disadvantage in battling Covid-19, with fears that the coronavirus could be more widespread than is being reported.

Foreign hands in Syria's war creating problems for Assad

15 May, 2020

Foreign intervention has marked Syria's war. Now it could lead to Assad's downfall.

Syria Weekly: Greece's centre-right government moves towards Assad normalisation

09 May, 2020

Greece is taking steps to normalise ties with the Syrian regime.

Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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