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Paul McLoughlin

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Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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How Iran's Quds Day propaganda pictures backfired

26 May, 2020

Iran's Quds Day propaganda has backfired, with Tehran's role in the Syria war brought to task.

Syria Weekly: Fears over 'under the radar' coronavirus epidemic

24 May, 2020

Areas outside Syrian regime control remain at a major disadvantage in battling Covid-19, with fears that the coronavirus could be more widespread than is being reported.

Foreign hands in Syria's war creating problems for Assad

15 May, 2020

Foreign intervention has marked Syria's war. Now it could lead to Assad's downfall.

Syria Weekly: Greece's centre-right government moves towards Assad normalisation

09 May, 2020

Greece is taking steps to normalise ties with the Syrian regime.

Syria Weekly: Rami Makhlouf's fall from grace confirmed

03 May, 2020

The rise and fall of Rami Makhlouf will be one of the great turning points in recent Syrian history.

Syria Weekly: Conditions worsen in Syria's forgotten refugee camp

26 April, 2020

Syrians in Rukban camp remain in grave danger with no aid deliveries to residents and medical services almost non-existent.

Less than zero: The great US oil crash

22 April, 2020

A price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia has seen US oil prices crash.

Syria Weekly: Kurdish authorities incensed over regime-WHO coronavirus 'cover-up'

19 April, 2020

Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in Syria.

Syria Weekly: Assad regime finally acknowledged as chemical culprit

12 April, 2020

The OPCW for the first time attributed blame for Syria chemical attacks, but activists are sceptical about its significance.

Can Gulf supply chains cope with the coronavirus crisis?

09 April, 2020

The Gulf appears immune to the panic buying engulfing Europe and North America.

Syria Weekly: Coronavirus outbreak sparks more fears of epidemic

05 April, 2020

Two reported deaths from coronavirus in Syria point to a much higher outbreak than is being acknowledged by authorities.

Syria Weekly: Coronavirus reaps further miseries on Syrians

29 March, 2020

Analysts have painted a grim outlook for Syria as the deadly coronavirus hits the war-torn country.

Paul McLoughlin
Paul McLoughlin

McLoughlin is an editor with The New Arab.

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