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Riya Al'sanah

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Riya Al'sanah
Riya Al'sanah

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Malak al-Khatib: a childhood disfigured by Israeli occupation

06 February, 2015

The jailing of Malak al-Khatib the 14 year-old Palestinian girl has caused outrage in her native West Bank and the rest of occupied Palestine. But the case brought into sharp focus the brutality and injustice of the Israeli occupation.

The Negev rages as Israel kills another Palestinian

19 January, 2015

Anger boils in the southern city of Rahat, occupied Palestine, after Sami Zayadna suffocated to death on tear gas fired by the Israeli police during Sami al-Ja'ar's funeral.

Strike called after Palestinian shot dead in Negev

15 January, 2015

Anger boils in the Negev after unarmed man killed in protests in Rahat, with Arab Knesset member blaming Israeli police for his death.

Activists eye backlash after Charlie Hebdo attack

08 January, 2015

French Muslims, Arabs and immigrants are the ones who will likely suffer the next consequences of the attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine.

Tunisia blogger remains locked up after 'defaming army'

06 January, 2015

A Tunisian military court has rejected bail for Yassine Ayari, raising questions over the country's justice system in the transition to democracy.

Marwan Barghouti may run for Palestinian presidency from jail

09 December, 2014

Israeli Knesset member Jamal Zahalka warns that the "Israeli left is more dangerous than the right" and hints that Marwan Barghouti is considering running for the Palestinian presidency.

Who appointed the Palestinian minister of education?

08 December, 2014

Conflicting versions explaining the Palestinian minister of education's resignation have prompted discussions about nepotism and the role of women in Palestinian politics.

Challenging two-state orthodoxy

27 November, 2014

A People Without a Land is a critique of the foundering peace process and the two-state thinking behind it. It is the articulation of a powerful one-state argument, a “win-win” solution. It is also the result of a personal journey.

Recorded "execution" not first time Israel caught out

13 November, 2014

Hamdan shooting only the last in a series of killings caught on camera for which Israeli security forces are rarely held to account.

Israeli politicians at odds as Jerusalem tension rises

06 November, 2014

Residents warn of 'a quiet intifada' as ultranationalist Jews attempt to access Muslim holy sites.

Riya Al'sanah
Riya Al'sanah

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