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Khaled al-Shayea

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Khaled al-Shayea
Khaled al-Shayea

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1,039 Saudi women to run for local council seats

30 October, 2015

Over 1,000 women will compete against more than 6,000 men for council seats in Saudi Arabia's municipal elections, in a move hailed as a 'significant milestone' in the kingdom.

Saudi students on scholarship: Achievements and challenges

06 October, 2015

Feature: Saudi scholarship students face a variety of challenges after completing their studies, reports Khalid al-Shayea.

Students complain of 'arbitrary expulsions' at Saudi technical colleges

24 September, 2015

Feature: Students at Saudi Arabia's technical colleges are complaining about chaotic administration and the expulsions of more than 2,000 students across the country.

Saudi Arabia: Delayed public projects 'worth $267 billion'

16 September, 2015

Blog: Despite huge government spending on public projects in Saudi Arabia, most ministries face a large backlog of delayed and stalled projects, according to reports.

'Eight divorces an hour' in Saudi Arabia

14 July, 2015

Blog: What lies behind the falling marriage rate and rising divorce rate in the ultra-conservative kingdom?

Death on Riyadh's roads

13 July, 2015

Feature: Saudi Arabia has seen eight million road accidents in the past 40 years, and motorists are seeing red.

Gulf analysts react to landmark Gulf-US summit

13 May, 2015

The Camp David summit between the US and Gulf states will bring nothing new to the table, Gulf analysts tell al-Araby al-Jadeed.

Dr No-degree: Saudi Arabia's plague of fake academic credentials

11 May, 2015

Feature: Engineers, doctors and government officials are all working in Saudi Arabia with fake academic certificates, according to the government and activists.

Saudi Arabia: Instant banishment for expatriate 'threats'

11 May, 2015

Analysis: Permanent expulsion for expatriates is the latest in Riyadh's burgeoning legislative arsenal of security measures.

Saudi Arabia 'faces catastrophe' as reservoirs run dry

01 May, 2015

Feature: Former government official says country is heading for a disaster unless it stops squandering precious water resources on unviable projects, reports Khaled al-Shayea.

Saudi Arabia investigates sexual abuse of Iranian pilgrims

15 April, 2015

Saudi authorities to investigate Jeddah airport guards over alleged attack on male teenagers, after Iran suspended all pilgrimages to Saudi Arabia in protest.

Iran, the Gulf and a nuclear future

07 April, 2015

Analysis: Gulf states have cautioned about the effectiveness of the Iranian nuclear deal, leading analysts to speculate on their next move, says Khaled al-Shayea.

Khaled al-Shayea
Khaled al-Shayea

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