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Said Abdel Rahim

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Said Abdel Rahim
Said Abdel Rahim

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Brotherhood leader 'killed by Egyptian security forces', says family

10 September, 2015

Mujahid Hassan Zaki, a leading member of the Freedom and Justice party, was found dead after his arrest.

Egyptian media hysterical support for Sisi regime

20 May, 2015

Since the coup in July 2013, both official and privately owned Egyptian media have given an almost hysterical support for the Sisi regime and all its transgressions including mass executions.

Egypt's atrocities revealed in Sinai

11 May, 2015

A new report reveals hundreds killed and family homes razed to the ground in North Sinai, as residents endure a prolonged state of emergency, amid a media blackout.

Death sentences for Muslim Brotherhood supporters in Egypt

17 March, 2015

Fourteen members of the Brotherhood have had their death sentences sent to Egypt's grand mufti for approval.

Latest Sisi 'leaks' allege links with Libya's Haftar

13 March, 2015

A new leaked recording allegedly from Sisi's office manager, hints at collaboration between Cairo and Libyan renegade general, Khalifa Haftar.

Abuse of prisoners escalates at Egypt's Borg el-Arab prison

11 March, 2015

Reports indicate prisoners have been beaten, their personal belongings burned and water and electricity shut off.

Twitter #StopSlowKilling campaign targets Egyptian prisons

24 February, 2015

Analysis: A social media campaign is calling for an end to a culture of impunity and medical negligence, which is blamed for many deaths in the country's jails.

More deaths in Egypt protests

27 January, 2015

Anti-coup protests continue across Egypt, as further deaths at the hands of security forces ramps up anger at the violent crackdown against dissent.

Child sentenced for stealing bread

11 December, 2014

Civil activists have criticised the decision to sentence a boy in Egypt to prison for stealing bread, while corrupt leaders are left unchallenged.

Said Abdel Rahim
Said Abdel Rahim

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