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Haifa Zangana

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Haifa Zangana
Haifa Zangana

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And how is Baghdad today?

08 April, 2015

Comment: A multicultural city of peace for millennia has been conquered, divided and transformed in the 12 years since US invasion. But Baghdadis are resisting, says Haifa Zangana.

Refugees in their own country: Iraq's ticking time bomb

26 March, 2015

Comment: Those displaced internally are all too often ignored by the international media, even though their suffering is often no less than those forced abroad.

Turning Iraq into a 'blank slate'

09 March, 2015

Comment: The US and the IS have both tried to turn Iraq into a "blank slate" so they can recast the country in their own image, doing immeasurable damage to Iraq's cultural heritage in the attempt.

Select committees, selective memories

13 February, 2015

Comment: By banishing history from decision-making, British officials are free to recommend the march to yet another war.

Another massacre, same old justification

30 January, 2015

Comment: Iraqi officials have been learning the lessons of Washington's war rhetoric.

Licence to kill journalists

20 January, 2015

Terrorist attacks are used by western governments and Israel to cover up, rather than let anyone think or try to understand the context. The response is the same: Send more troops, order more airstrikes and sign more lucrative arms contracts.

Young Iraqis see suicide as an escape

31 December, 2014

Previously little known in Iraq, the rate of suicides is increasing as desperate youth with little to live for take their own lives.

What is so complex about understanding injustice?

12 December, 2014

Across the region, there has been an explosive reaction to the systematic oppression of ordinary people - and it doesn't need highly paid 'analysts' to figure out why.

Haifa Zangana
Haifa Zangana

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