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Faris al-Jalal

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Faris al-Jalal
Faris al-Jalal

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Hadi purges administration of Saleh’s men

31 March, 2015

Analysis: After being betrayed by those close to him, Hadi has dismissed several members of his administration as he tries to regain control.

Who enters Aden first: The Houthis or the coalition?

30 March, 2015

Analysis: The race between the Houthis and the Arab coalition to secure control of Aden is on. The winner will secure a valuable card in the game to control Yemen.

Houthis isolated as Yemeni president receives delegations in Aden

26 February, 2015

The Houthi movement looks increasingly isolated after Hadi fled Sanaa for Aden and is receiving foreign delegations in Aden in his capacity as president of Yemen.

Al-Qaeda expands into Yemen security vacuum

28 January, 2015

Al-Qaeda is using the political turmoil in Yemen and the redeployment of popular militias from areas of the south to attack government forces across the region.

Yemen's quiet secession

25 January, 2015

As turmoil engulfs Yemen, the secessionist ambitions of the South received a boost from an unlikely source, President Hadi himself, says Faris al-Jalal.

Yemen's south looks for a two state solution

24 January, 2015

Separatist sentiments are at fever pitch this week, as the Houthis take over vital government institutions and President Hadi resigned. The prospect of the south separating from the north is becoming a likely end to Yemen's political crisis.

Is Yemen's south the last refuge for defeated president?

23 January, 2015

Members of southern separatist movement say Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi should support their cause as Houthis tighten their grip on power in Sanna.

South Yemen sees the return of its prodigal sons

17 December, 2014

When the two Yemens reunified in 1990, few would expect that a little over two decades later, calls for separation would be back in the political debate.

Faris al-Jalal
Faris al-Jalal

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