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The Iraq Report: Turkey and Iran trade diplomatic blows

01 March, 2021

Iraq has once more emerged as an arena of competition between Turkey and Iran as the two historic rivals clash over Ankara's intervention against Kurdish separatists.

The Iraq Report: PKK, Iran-backed militias threaten Turkey

15 February, 2021

Turkey is facing a dual threat from Kurdish militants and Iran-backed militias amid its military operation in northern Iraq.

The Iraq Report: Feared IS leader killed in raid

02 February, 2021

The Islamic State's most powerful operative in Iraq has been killed by counter-terrorism and security forces, striking a serious blow to the terrorist organisation.

The Iraq Report: Deadly terror in Baghdad suicide bombings

22 January, 2021

While there is obvious fury at the Islamic State, Iraqis have also expressed outrage at security forces and pro-Iran militias whom they blame for Iraq's endemic insecurity.

The Iraq Report: Deadly unrest in Iraqi Kurdistan

18 December, 2020

With a crumbling economy, rampant corruption and unpaid salaries, Iraqi Kurdistan's woes are intricately linked to the wider problems the country faces as a whole.

The Iraq Report: Sadr makes a gamble for power

04 December, 2020

The powerful cleric's political ambitions have been branded a cynical ploy by youth protesters who have been demonstrating against corruption, a dire economic situation, and state-backed violence.

The Iraq Report: Mass execution sparks international concern

20 November, 2020

The execution of 21 men on terrorism-related charges, and warnings hundreds more risk the same fate, have raised fears that Iraq's counterterrorism laws are unfairly targeting Sunni citizens.

The Iraq Report: Pro-Iran militias emboldened by Biden's victory

13 November, 2020

While those in official circles are generally in favour of a new US administration under Joe Biden, Iraqi civil society and activists are more divided in their reactions.

TNA Instagram

11 November, 2020

Stories from Instagram this month

The Iraq Report: Sectarian killings revive fears of strife

23 October, 2020

A mass killing and an attack on Kurdish political headquarters suggest ethno-sectarian tensions are flaring again, with many questioning whether Iraq can resolve such disputes under its current system.

The Iraq Report: US troop withdrawal risks drone warfare

16 October, 2020

A drawdown of American diplomacy and the withdrawal of US land forces could instead herald enhanced military involvement in Iraq using air assets and drones.

The Iraq Report: US drawdown will embolden Iran's proxies

18 September, 2020

Iran-backed militias will feel emboldened by a reduction of capable enemies on their doorstep, and could seek to expand their power and influence even further.

The New Arab
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