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Naela Khalil

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Naela Khalil
Naela Khalil

Naela Khalil is The New Arab's Arabic edition bureau chief in Ramallah

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Amona eviction drama: smoke-and-mirrors that benefits Israeli settlement project?

03 February, 2017

Analysis: Israeli settlers achieved more victories from the simulated and dramatic eviction of Amona outpost.

Exclusive: Palestinian audit chief accused of corruption

06 June, 2016

Leaked documents obtained by The New Arab have shown that Iyad Tayem, the head of Palestine's top watchdog, is involved in legal and administrative violations.

Two Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces in Jerusalem

23 December, 2015

Two Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces after an alleged stabbing incident left three Israelis injured at Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem on Wednesday.

Palestinian children on the frontline of the intifada

04 December, 2015

Children have been on the frontline of the latest Palestinian uprising since it began in mid-September, reflecting the failure of the Palestinian leadership and factions to protect them.

Palestinian President Abbas heads to Cairo for Sisi meeting

10 September, 2015

President Mahmoud Abbas will be heading to Cairo for a meeting on Monday with Egypt's Sisi, before he heads to New York later to address the UN General Assembly.

Israeli forces assault Palestinian jailed leader and other detainees

28 July, 2015

Forces from the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) on Tuesday assaulted the jailed Palestinian leader Ahmed Saadat in the Nafha Prison, as well as other detainees held by occupation forces.

Imprisoned Palestinian leader demands UN protection

23 July, 2015

Ahmad Saadat who is being held by Israel is calling for action by the UN to protect Palestinians prisoners in Israeli jails from systematic abuse by the occupation authorities.

Palestinian ministers cut visit to Gaza Strip

21 April, 2015

Delegation ends rare trip prematurely, with one official saying it was thwarted by the "unprofessional behaviour" of Hamas.

Palestinian president rejects Israeli conditions for returning tax revenues

02 April, 2015

Analysis: Tel Aviv had reportedly planned to pilfer the money owed to Ramallah to pay down Palestinian debts to Israeli utility companies.

Israel arrests Palestinian MP in pre-dawn raid

02 April, 2015

Israeli forces arrested a prominent Palestinian parliamentarian early on Thursday morning, in a raid on her West Bank home.

Palestinian PM to push for Gaza reconstruction

24 March, 2015

Rami al-Hamadallah to travel to enclave on Wednesday as part of Palestinian Authority efforts to speed up reconstruction after Israel's summer war.

Palestinian Authority believes change unlikely after Israeli elections

17 March, 2015

Analysis: No Palestinian leaders expect anything new to come out of the elections, but they hope to see movement on issues that appear to be frozen.

Naela Khalil
Naela Khalil

Naela Khalil is The New Arab's Arabic edition bureau chief in Ramallah

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