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Sheeffah Shiraz

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Sheeffah Shiraz
Sheeffah Shiraz

Sheeffah Shiraz is a journalist and writer based in London.

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Mosul's children haunted by fear a year after IS

09 July, 2018

Feature: Mosul’s children continue to suffer from the trauma and pain they faced during the Islamic State group's brutal rule.

No longer alone: Why LGBT activists are speaking out

16 April, 2018

Report: Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender activists in the Middle East and North Africa are defying state-sponsored repression and social stigma by sharing stories to help others.

Fighting for freedom: The Syria Campaign

14 March, 2016

Interview: From working with The White Helmets to the creation of Planet Syria, The Syria Campaign continues to accelerate progress towards a peaceful and democratic future for Syria.

It's time to talk breast cancer in Saudi Arabia

15 December, 2015

Feature: As the most common cancer in women in Saudi Arabia, many are determined to launch a mainstream conversation about breast cancer to help raise awareness.

The steadfast women of al-Aqsa

06 September, 2015

Feature: Israeli attempts to prevent Palestinian 'Murabitat' women from entering al-Aqsa Mosque only succeeds in galvanising them into further acts of resistance and defiance.

Yemenis face starvation amid 'catastrophic' war

28 July, 2015

Analysis: Yemen is struggling with the highest ever recorded number of people living in hunger, with nearly 13 million facing difficulties in finding enough to eat.

Killing the messenger

24 July, 2015

Analysis: Scores of journalists have been killed in the Middle East and North Africa region so far this year, as brutal conflicts and political turmoil continue to rage.

Traumatised Gaza children 'live in fear'

08 July, 2015

Children in Gaza continue to suffer from trauma, distress and fear, a year on from the 51-day Israeli onslaught.

Yemen civilians 'paying high price' as airstrikes continue

02 July, 2015

A large number of civilians, including children, are being killed daily in Yemen as a rights group reveals the coalition's 'failure to abide by international humanitarian law'.

How Israel is uprooting West Bank's future

28 June, 2015

Feature: Israeli settlers and soldiers are uprooting thousands of olive trees belonging to Palestinian farmers, unlawfully targeting a sector that contributes millions in income to some of the poorest communities.

The global crisis of child labour

11 June, 2015

Almost 170 million youths around the world are trapped in child labour, as World Day Against Child Labour looks into efforts to annihilate the issue.

Boko Haram's 'reign of terror'

14 April, 2015

As Nigeria marks the first anniversary since the kidnapping of 219 Chibok schoolgirls, Amnesty International urges for immediate action against the militant group.

Sheeffah Shiraz
Sheeffah Shiraz

Sheeffah Shiraz is a journalist and writer based in London.

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