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Sam Hamad

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Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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UAE coronavirus aid to Syrians shouldn't mean rehabilitating Assad

30 March, 2020

Comment: Don't be fooled, it's not humanitarian help UAE is offering Assad, its normalisation of his tyrannical regime, writes Sam Hamad

Coronavirus in service of authoritarianism

25 March, 2020

Comment: Authoritarian governments from China to the US are weaponizing the coronavirus to seize greater power, writes Sam Hamad.

Coronavirus spreads in Egypt, Sisi puts truth on lockdown

17 March, 2020

Comment: The main victims of Sisi's efforts to obscure the truth will be the poorest Egyptians, writes Sam Hamad.

Assad's greatest asset? EU-NATO appeasement

10 March, 2020

Comment: Turkey has demonstrated that Assad's regime could be defeated in Syria, were it not for the curse of global indifference, writes Sam Hamad.

Mubarak is dead, but the pharaoh state lives on

25 February, 2020

Comment: The pharaoh is dead, but the Egypt of rampant corruption and every day savagery that Mubarak had a definitive hand in creating is thriving, writes Sam Hamad.

For Syrians fleeing Idlib, there's nowhere left to run

19 February, 2020

Comment: The 2015 'refugee crisis' put the EU's inhumane anti-refugee policies on full display. A repeat of that could be about to happen, writes Sam Hamad.

In Idlib, Assad's war machine has a lethal message

03 February, 2020

Comment: Make no mistake, ethnic cleansing is both the aim and the effect of Assad-Iran-Russia's war effort, writes Sam Hamad.

Surrender or disappear: Trump's 'Deal' issues ultimatum to Palestinians

29 January, 2020

Comment: Trump and Netanyahu's 'deal' is just normalisation of the status quo - the formalisation of Palestinians as a people without a land, under permanent occupation, writes Sam Hamad.

Today, remembering Egypt's revolution is a form of resistance

24 January, 2020

Comment: Almost a decade after the January 25 revolution, the problems that fueled it have been wildly exacerbated under Sisi's tyrannical rule, writes Sam Hamad.

Brexit Britain rolls out the red carpet for Sisi

20 January, 2020

Comment: The most powerful countries in the world, including the UK, have normalised and bolstered Sisi, while turning a blind eye to his unprecedented terror against Egyptians, writes Sam Hamad.

Soleimani assassination spells trouble for Iraqis, Iranians, the region

03 January, 2020

Comment: Many Iraqis now fear it's their country that has the most to lose from being used as a potential battlefield for two foreign powers, writes Sam Hamad.

Khashoggi verdict: This is what Saudi Arabia calls justice

24 December, 2019

Comment: Just as some had hoped, the verdict on Khashoggi's killing will whitewash Saudi crimes, and pave the way for business as usual with the Kingdom, writes Sam Hamad.

Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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