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Sam Hamad

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Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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Syrian gravedigger recounts a genocide, but is anyone listening?

24 September, 2020

Comment: As we hear testimony on the extent of Assad's murderous apparatus, we must remember that these are crimes not just of past, but the present too, writes Sam Hamad.

Sisi bulldozes homes with renewed disdain for Egypt's poor

18 September, 2020

Comment: A year after the 'Palacegate' protests that saw so many incarcerated, Egypt's streets are a grim mix of apathy, fear and resentment towards the regime, writes Sam Hamad.

For dissidents, Egypt has crossed a chilling new threshold

02 September, 2020

Comment: Sisi's heavy-handed persecution of Hassan instils fear and paranoia that will ultimately cause Egyptians at home and abroad to think twice before speaking out, writes Sam Hamad.

UAE adds Israel to its coalition of anti-democratic allies

28 August, 2020

Comment: UAE-Israel normalisation should be understood in a broader context of illiberal, anti-democratic actors solidifying their global alliances, writes Sam Hamad.

Egypt's senate election farce helps Sisi recruit more loyalists

18 August, 2020

Comment: Egypt's newly created senate is will have no legislative power, and is just a method of expanding the regime's system of loyalty and patronage, writes Sam Hamad.

Rabaa wasn't just a coup, but a totalitarian beginning

13 August, 2020

Comment: Seven years after the massacre, it's clear that the violence at Rabaa marked the dawn of a new era ruled by fear and state control, writes Sam Hamad.

Sisi the so-called secularist sets his sights on Al-Azhar

29 July, 2020

Comment: Not content with an already severely restricted public sphere, Sisi has moved to bring this 1,000-year-old Egyptian centre of learning and scholarship under his control, writes Sam Hamad.

Covid-19 has become Egypt's unofficial executioner

16 July, 2020

Comment: Sisi's regime knew full well that Scorpion prison's derelict, unsanitary hospital was full of Covid-19 cases, but they sent journalist Monir, regardless, writes Sam Hamad.

Russia abuses UN veto, snuffing out Syrians' final lifeline

08 July, 2020

Comment: Russia is exploiting its UN Security Council veto power for the purposes of aiding and abetting war crimes in Syria, writes Sam Hamad.

Sisi's crusade against women influencers reveals regime's deepest fears

29 June, 2020

Comment: The Egyptian regime's crusade against Sama El-Masry and other female influencers is another shameless attempt to police women and their bodies, writes Sam Hamad.

Protect and punish: Can sanctions avoid harming Syrians, too?

17 June, 2020

Comment: The Caesar Act's purpose is noble, but with the economy in ruins and Russia waiting in the wings, more sanctions risk entrenching Syrian misery, writes Sam Hamad.

Facing defeat, Haftar makes a transparent bid for peace

11 June, 2020

Comment: Sisi's counter-revolutionary track record and Haftar's war on Tripoli put their overtures to peace on very shaky ground, writes Sam Hamad.

Sam Hamad
Sam Hamad

Hamad is an independent Scottish-Egyptian activist and writer.

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