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Baraa al-Shamari

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Baraa al-Shamari
Baraa al-Shamari

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Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr attacks 'insolent militias'

28 January, 2016

The leader of Iraq's Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr attacked what he described as 'insolent militias' - a term referring to factions within the Popular Mobilisation forces.

Iraq: Attacks on Popular Mobilisation militia

03 December, 2015

Attacks on the Popular Mobilisation militia in Kirkuk and Baghdad kills and wounds several militia members while gunmen assassinate a captain in the Iraqi Army in Diyala province.

Jailing of Christian minister alarms Iraq minorities

11 November, 2015

A prison sentence handed by an Iraqi court to a Christian Iraqi former minister, on corruption charges, is causing anxiety among some Iraqi minorities, who say they are being targeted.

Iraq: Fallujah shelled, Ramadi quiet

26 October, 2015

Dozens of civilians were killed and wounded in Fallujah, in Iraq's Anbar province on Monday amid relative calm in Ramadi.

Iraq protesters block roads to Basra's oil fields

12 October, 2015

Demonstrators blocked roads in the oil rich Iraqi port city of Basra on Monday to protest against corruption, unemployment and crime.

Gulf donated armoured vehicles 'missing' in Iraq

11 October, 2015

76 armoured vehicles donated to Iraq by a Gulf country have gone missing upon their delivery to Baghdad, former Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi has said.

Baghdad's anti-IS security pact with Syria's Assad angers lawmakers

30 September, 2015

Several Iraqi MPs and politicians have voiced their rejection of the recently signed four-party anti IS security pact involving Iraq, Syria, Iran and Russia.

Iraqi prime minister says he will confront 'corruption mafia'

24 September, 2015

Criminal mafias are connected to corruption in state institutions and are a security threat, Iraqi PM Abadi said, as he called for tougher court sentences at a meeting with judges.

US deploys surveillance balloons over Iraq's Anbar

22 September, 2015

US and Iraqi troops have begun preparing for military operations against Islamic State group in Anbar, with US forces deploying surveillance balloons and patrolling the area around Habbaniyah military base.

Iraq: Haider al-Abadi declares war on kidnap gangs, criminality

16 September, 2015

Iraqi PM Abadi has vowed to pursue kidnapping and crime gangs in Baghdad at a time when arrest warrants for criminal charges were issued against people associated with senior officials.

Iraq's PM oversees efforts to release kidnapped Turkish workers

14 September, 2015

Iraq's PM Abadi has taken the lead in efforts to ensure safe return of 18 kidnapped Turkish workers, putting aside differences with allies in the Shia National Alliance.

Iraqi Shia militias take Sunni hostages for prisoner swap

25 March, 2015

Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation forces have taken over 120 Sunni civilians captive to secure the release of prisoners held by the Islamic State group.

Baraa al-Shamari
Baraa al-Shamari

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