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Two Turkish kidnapped workers released by Iraqi militia

16 September, 2015

Two Turkish workers who were among 18 Turks kidnapped by an Iraqi militia have been released, a police source in the southern city of Basra told al-Araby al-Jadeed on Wednesday.

Egypt tourist convoy had security permit, insist organisers

14 September, 2015

The tourist convoy attacked by Egyptian security forces on Sunday had security clearance, Egyptian association of tourists guides said Monday contradicting statements made by the Sisi regime.

Winning Allan's freedom 'an epic Palestinian achievement

20 August, 2015

The head of the Palestinian Prisoners' Committee said that winning freedom for imprisoned lawyer Mohammed Allan was am epic national achievement and a blow to Israeli administrative detention policy.

Iraqi reforms: what the government promises

11 August, 2015

The Iraqi government has released to al-Araby al-Jadeed the text of its pledge to reform the country's political institutions and tackle corruption and poor services. Here is a summary.

Israel denies Gaza football team entry to West Bank

07 August, 2015

Members of one of Gaza's leading football teams were reportedly denied permission to leave the strip for the second leg of a match with their West Bank counterparts.

Oman detains human rights activists

06 August, 2015

Five bloggers were reportedly arrested in Oman because of alleged critical comments of the government on social media.

In Cairo, a limbo for refugees

03 August, 2015

Two Sudanese refugees, al-Fadil and Mohamed, have been waiting for resettlement from Egypt for over a year, in a cruel back-and-forth journey that has taken both men across North Africa.

Iraqi government plans 'youth mobilisation' to protect Baghdad

27 July, 2015

An Iraqi official tells al-Araby al-Jadeed that his government is preparing to step up its security operations in Baghdad through youth recruitment and mobilisation.

Cairo's deadly environment

19 July, 2015

The polluted air in the Egyptian capital poses a serious risk to public health, with scientists and experts blaming government for doing too little to combat it.

Syria's 'White Helmets' saved over 20,000 lives

08 July, 2015

As war rages on, a group of Syrians are actively restoring faith in humanity and has asked the world for support through a crowdfunding campaign.

Families of captive soldiers block Beirut roads

02 July, 2015

After months of anguish, the relatives of Lebanese soldiers being held hostage by extremist groups have blocked key roads in the capital urging the government to act.

Britain may extend anti-IS air campaign to Syria

30 June, 2015

UK PM David Cameron hinted that he may agree to extend air strikes targeting Islamic State positions in Iraq to include Syria.


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