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Jean-Pierre Sereni

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Jean-Pierre Sereni
Jean-Pierre Sereni

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Can Sisi ride out coronavirus and Egypt's crippled economy?

26 March, 2020

Comment: While the army continues to tighten its grip on the economy, Egypt is facing new challenges, including a towering debt the collapse of the tourist trade, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

The Egyptian army's cheap tricks

10 January, 2020

Comment: An unprecedented study reveals the damage wrought by a system marked by low productivity, secrecy and collusion schemes, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

In Egypt, the economy is better off than Egyptians

13 November, 2019

Comment: Sisi's government boasts of its economic accomplishments, but for the vast majority of Egyptians, their lot hasn't improved at all, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

Interview: Could a convertible dinar revolutionise Algeria's economy?

01 October, 2018

Interview: Jean-Pierre Séréni talks to seasoned businessman, Slim Othmani, who believes he might have the answer to rousing the Algerian economy from its 20-year torpor.

Arab economies look set to stay in the doldrums

23 November, 2017

Analysis: While European economies appear to have weathered the storm, dark forecasts for the Arab world persist, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

The decline of Tunisia: plummeting revenues; growing insecurity

19 March, 2016

Comment: The Tunisian state is in free-fall with a powerless president, an increased threat of militant groups, economic struggles and dangerous regional upheaval, argues Jean-Pierre Sereni.

Bouteflika, back with a vengeance

19 August, 2015

Comment: Six years ago, Algeria's president was pronounced "over" by French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy. Then came the Arab Spring, and a new ally in the Elysee Palace, writes Jean-Pierre Sereni.

What is the future of the Algerian state?

28 June, 2015

Analysis: A former senior civil servant argues the Algerian state is sleepwalking into crisis, and the easy solutions of the past will no longer work.

Jean-Pierre Sereni
Jean-Pierre Sereni

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