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Karim Traboulsi

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Karim Traboulsi
Karim Traboulsi

Karim Traboulsi is Acting Manager Editor for The New Arab since May 2019

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Lebanese protesters declare ‘week of anger’

14 January, 2020

A preoccupation with the fallout from Lebanon's financial crisis caused protests to die down, but it now seems the ruling class are mistaken in thinking the uprising is over.

Five things you need to know about Lebanon's protests

21 October, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life have hit the streets to protest government corruption and austerity measures and to demand the resignation of the government.

Lebanon Rises: Second wave of Arab Spring reaches Beirut

18 October, 2019

Fed up with corruption, an out-of-touch political class, a growing economic crisis and total failure of basic services, large numbers of Lebanese men and women have taken to the streets

The catch with Riyadh relaxing male guardianship laws

12 July, 2019

Comment: Any progress on women's rights will be a concession, not a royal gift conferred upon subjects, forced to answer with deference and gratitude, writes Karim Traboulsi.

BDS bulletin: Reappropriating hummus for justice

26 March, 2019

Israel has long appropriated Palestinian cuisine and Arab dishes, rebranding them as its own to efface the culture of the lands it occupies. But Palestinians are fighting back, and winning.

BDS Bulletin: Doing the right thing will cost you

04 March, 2019

From academic blacklisting to legal prosecution, supporting the Palestinian dream of freedom from occupation could cost you dear; but it's the right thing to do.

The Mummy Returned: Egypt foils smuggling of ancient corpse

25 February, 2019

Cairo have foiled an attempt to smuggle parts of Egyptian mummies by a passenger who bagged them but did not tag them in his luggage on a flight.

UK 'boosting' Yemen aid, while continuing Saudi arms sales

25 February, 2019

London is to continue its schizophrenic policy on Yemen, providing aid while selling weapons to those bombing it and fuelling its humanitarian crisis with the other.

India 'prevents MbS flying direct from Pakistan'

19 February, 2019

The Saudi crown prince got a taste of his own medicine after India forced him to fly via Riyadh to avoid coming directly from arch-rival Pakistan.

Saudi political detainees on hunger strike against 'inhumane imprisonment'

18 February, 2019

Saudi prisoners of conscience led by imprisoned prominent human rights activist Dr. Abdullah al-Hamid, have declared a hunger strike to protest their unjust detention for merely calling for reform.

Iran wants to make Lebanon's military 'the region's strongest'

11 February, 2019

Iran has dispatched its top diplomat to Beirut to woo the newly formed Lebanese government with military and civilian aid, a move meant to encounter US and Saudi resistance.

West 'should cut ties with Riyadh' over torture scandal

05 February, 2019

British broadcaster Mehdi Hasan and Saudi-British Professor Madawi al-Rasheed were among prominent names calling for a boycott of the Saudi regime during a heated debate in London on Monday.

Karim Traboulsi
Karim Traboulsi

Karim Traboulsi is Acting Manager Editor for The New Arab since May 2019

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