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Paul Iddon

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Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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Iraqi Kurdistan fears entanglement in Turkey-UAE cold war

07 July, 2020

Analysis: Iraqi Kurdistan hopes to avoid becoming entangled in a regional cold war.

Bolton's book and why Trump betrayed the Kurds

24 June, 2020

Comment: Bolton's book shines a light on President Trump's crass dismissal of Kurdish sacrifices, writes Paul Iddon.

Russia, China seek foothold in Middle East arms market

24 June, 2020

The US dominates arms exports to the Middle East, but Russia and China are vying for influence in the lucrative market.

Russia's expanding military footprint in the Middle East

09 June, 2020

Over the last decade Russia has visibly expanded its military, economic and political influence in the Middle East.

What normalisation of Assad's regime could mean for Turkey

27 May, 2020

Most of the countries that have restored ties with Damascus are motivated by their strong desire to undermine Turkey's objectives in the wider region.

Is Libya on the road to de facto partition?

01 May, 2020

Neither side in Libya's civil war can achieve a decisive victory.

Don't let Islamic State exploit coronavirus

15 April, 2020

Comment: IS will exploit any instability, including a potential humanitarian crisis caused by coronavirus, writes Paul Iddon.

Saudi Arabia's oil war could spell disaster for Iraq

27 March, 2020

Saudi Arabia's decision to flood the oil market could do great harm to Iraq's economy, at a time when the country is already grappling with other major crises.

Baghdad's four decades of conflict and strife

13 March, 2020

In-depth: From 1980 until now, the Iraqi capital has faced a series of conflicts, instability, and violence. This year marks 40 years since this cycle of violence.

Turkey avoids taking sides in the US-Iran standoff

23 January, 2020

Ankara wants to avoid siding with the US in any conflict with Iran or heeding Tehran's call for allies to join in opposition to American presence in the region.

Why Iraq is contemplating buying Russian missiles

16 January, 2020

Iraq is considering the purchase of yet more long-range missiles from Russia amid American and Iranian strikes on its soil.

Iran's missile strike against US in Iraq was symbolic

09 January, 2020

In a symbolic move of revenge, Iran fired an estimated ten Fateh-313 missiles at the Ain al-Asad military base in Iraq's Anbar province living up to its vow of retaliating.

Paul Iddon
Paul Iddon

Paul Iddon is a freelance journalist based in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan who writes about Middle East affairs

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