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Robin Yassin-Kassab

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Robin Yassin-Kassab
Robin Yassin-Kassab

Robin Yassin-Kassab is an author and novelist, specialising in Syrian life and politics.

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Iran's support for Assad must end

21 March, 2018

Comment: The peaceful ideal Zarif describes for the region amounts to misleading rhetoric that ignores the facts on the ground, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

How Arabs are complicit in massacring Eastern Ghouta's people

24 February, 2018

Comment: Syria's massacres are not an accident. Local, regional and global powers created the tragedy. And Arab and international public opinion has contributed, through apathy and silence, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab

Kurdish autonomy is part of self-determination for all Syrians

25 January, 2018

Comment: The Syrian opposition needs Turkey's support, and has had it, but it should not back Ankara's occupation of Afrin, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

The Rohingya and other outsiders

20 December, 2017

Comment: This is not the first time the demonisation of 'threatening' communities has prepared the way for slaughter, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Assad's version of national liberation matches al-Baghdadi's

08 September, 2016

Comment: Syria's war resembles a foreign occupation more than a system of domestic repression, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Another battle begins: Shifting power relations on Syria's battlefield

31 August, 2016

Comment: Robin Yassin-Kassab takes a closer look at the alliances on the Syrian battlefield, as ethnic-nationalist conflict between Turks, Kurds and Arabs threatens to spiral out of control.

The Tragedy of Daraya

27 August, 2016

Faced with a barbaric and sadistic enemy, Daraya responded with dignified resistance. The world should hang its head in shame at its fall to Syria's regime, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

American conspiracies on the Middle East

09 August, 2016

Comment: Conspiracy-thinking betrays a lazy intellectual approach, and new technologies only serve to quench our thirst for such easy gratification, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab

By abandoning Aleppo, the world has empowered jihadists

03 August, 2016

Comment: Robin Yassin-Kassab argues that besieged Syrians in Aleppo, thanks to the world's betrayal, now have no choice but to work with jihadists like the Nusra Front

Reinvention versus Trumpism

12 July, 2016

Comment: America is well-placed to adjust and reinvent itself, in part thanks to its diverse population. Refusing to do so would herald cultural bankruptcy, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Brexit: Consequence of toxic policies and cause of more

27 June, 2016

Comment: The economic and political aftershocks of Brexit will weaken the EU and perhaps eventually lead to its disintegration, making way for the appeasement of Russian aggression, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab

Iraq's forgotten uprising

18 May, 2016

Comment: Iraqi appetite for change is alive and well, but voices that don't fit the binary go unheard, obscuring a potential alternative to sectarian politics, writes Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Robin Yassin-Kassab
Robin Yassin-Kassab

Robin Yassin-Kassab is an author and novelist, specialising in Syrian life and politics.

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