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Samir Bennis

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Samir Bennis
Samir Bennis

Samir Bennis is a political analyst. He is the editor-in-chief of Morocco World News.

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Guterres' UN: A window for change in Western Sahara?

19 April, 2017

Comment: Samir Bennis asks what the language of the UN's recent report on the Western Sahara might indicate about finding a solution to the ongoing conflict.

Morocco rejoining AU is a boon to the continent

31 January, 2017

Comment: After a 33-year absence, Morocco has rejoined the African Union, in a move that will favour the prosperity of the whole continent, writes Samir Bennis.

Can Guterres succeed where Ban Ki-moon didn't?

18 January, 2017

Comment: Guterres will be in a better position to give fresh impetus to the UN political process aimed at finding a political solution to the Sahara conflict, writes Samir Bennis

Muslims condemning Istanbul victims are no better than IS

06 January, 2017

Comment: Any judgement blaming the 'immorality' of those killed in a nightclub has no place in Islam, writes Samir Bennis.

Morocco must rekindle relations with Mauritania

30 December, 2016

Comment: Morocco's foreign ministry should coordinate with its Mauritanian counterpart to reopen communication channels between the two countries, writes Samir Bennis

Rekindling relations? Rabat and Trump's GOP

14 November, 2016

Comment: Friction between Morocco and the Obama administration may soon be a thing of the past, as Rabat looks to rekindle its old ties with America's Republicans, writes Samir Bennis

Why Morocco should be suspicious of Sisi's regime

21 October, 2016

Comment: Sisi's recent welcome of a Polisario Front delegation on Egyptian soil sends ambiguous signals to Morocco over the direction of his foreign policy, writes Samir Bennis.

Morocco's main parties fail to restore faith in politics

11 October, 2016

Comment: Both major parties can be satisfied with the gains they made, but voter turnout was lower than expected, indicating Moroccans have lost trust in their politicians, writes Samir Bennis

Morocco's election ignores foreign policy

04 October, 2016

Comment: The current political elite in Morocco is not capable of working hand in hand with the King in proposing foreign policy and helping steer the country, writes Samir Bennis.

Morocco should reject proposal for Western Sahara federation

16 August, 2016

Comment: The Kurdish model of autonomy in Iraq must be fearlessly resisted in Morocco, argues Samir Bennis.

Morocco should return to the African Union

08 August, 2016

Comment: Morocco must rejoin the African Union if it wishes to mobilise support for its position, and minimise the AU's negative role in Western Sahara, writes Samir Bennis.

Gibraltar, Ceuta and Melilla: Spain's unequal sovereignty disputes

28 June, 2016

Comment: Spain cannot call to regain its sovereignty over Gibraltar, while in parallel refusing Morocco's legitimate right to its sovereignty over Ceuta and Melilla, writes Samir Bennis

Samir Bennis
Samir Bennis

Samir Bennis is a political analyst. He is the editor-in-chief of Morocco World News.

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