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David Sheen

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David Sheen
David Sheen

David Sheen is an independent journalist originally from Toronto, Canada and now based in Dimona, Israel.

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How Netanyahu brought Israel's biggest racists seats in parliament

30 March, 2021

Comment: Netanyahu's political future may still look unsure, but his explicit support for a fanatic, right-wing alliance has helped pave their way into the Knesset, writes David Sheen.

Netanyahu has long run cover for Israel's biggest racists

12 February, 2020

Comment: Whether or not he's re-elected, the damage is done. Netanyahu has paved the way for the most maniacal racists in Israel's history, writes David Sheen.

The racist pedagogy of Israel's education minister, Rafi Peretz

18 July, 2019

Comment: While homophobia might be unacceptable in some company, demands for racial purity and religious discrimination are shockingly commonplace in Israel, writes David Sheen.

What Marc Lamont Hill went looking for in Palestine

12 March, 2019

The New Arab Meets: American academic, author, Palestine activist and TV personality, Marc Lamont Hill.

Elections won't challenge the rule of Israel's 'domination' camp

26 November, 2018

Comment: In terms of outcomes for Palestinians, Israeli elections have produced near identical results for nearly two decades. A new vote is unlikely to change much, writes David Sheen.

Israel crushes resistance at home and abroad

26 October, 2018

Comment: Leftist Jews in both the US and Israel are coming under harsh attack from Netanyahu's government, writes David Sheen.

Is Netanyahu facilitating rape culture in Israel?

14 September, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's silence - and even acceptance - of staff members accused, investigated or charged with sex crimes sets a frightening precedent, writes David Sheen.

Israel to fund Jews-only booze cruises

17 July, 2018

Comment: The Israeli government's crusade against mixed couples is a bigoted and futile policy, writes David Sheen.

The US and Israel's radical right Kahane connections

17 May, 2018

Comment: The fact that American envoys are so closely connected to Israel's Kahane movement should be of great concern, writes David Sheen.

Statelessness and suffering: Black lives don't matter in Israel

06 April, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's defunct UN migrant deal is a stark reminder of how little black lives matter in Israel, writes David Sheen.

Vigilante violence reminds us how little #BlackLivesMatter in Israel

02 March, 2018

Comment: People are finally speaking out against Netanyahu's migrant expulsion policy, but they must also insist the government rolls back its decade-long propaganda campaign against refugees, writes David Sheen.

Israel's war on African refugees is inspiring white supremacists

16 January, 2018

Comment: Netanyahu's racist, anti-African immigration policies are bringing cheer to white supremacists on both sides of the Atlantic, writes David Sheen.

David Sheen
David Sheen

David Sheen is an independent journalist originally from Toronto, Canada and now based in Dimona, Israel.

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