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Imad K. Harb

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Imad K. Harb
Imad K. Harb

Imad K. Harb is the Director of Research and Analysis at Arab Center Washington DC.

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Lebanon mustn't use Trump's 'deal' to continue mistreating Palestinians

20 February, 2020

Comment: Lebanon must put solidarity with Palestinians, and their right of return at the heart of efforts to support refugees and resist Trump's deal, writes Imad K. Harb.

US, Iran should stop holding Iraq's political sovereignty hostage

10 January, 2020

Comment: Iraqis have been decrying Iranian and US interference in their affairs for many years, it's time they were handed the reins, writes Imad K. Harb.

The new patriotism in Lebanon and Iraq

12 November, 2019

Comment: Lebanese and Iraqi demonstrators are picking up the banner of a dignified national identity that has been submerged under the guise of confessional formulas, writes Imad K. Harb.

Will Somalia share Yemen's fate?

01 September, 2019

Comment: The UAE will do what is needed to preserve its influence anywhere it has a footprint, despite the cost, writes Imad K. Harb.

Iran: How Trump is emboldening the hawks and hardliners​

24 June, 2019

Comment: US hawks, their Gulf allies and Israel will see Trump's preference for avoiding military confrontation as capitulation, writes Imad K. Harb.

Gulf tanker attacks are primarily a message to Trump

14 June, 2019

Comment: Pompeo and Trump have pinned blame for the attacks squarely on Iran, but the story may not be so straightforward, writes Imad K. Harb.

The Qatar blockade killed the GCC, but what next?

05 June, 2019

Comment: The cruel two-year blockade imposed on Qatar signals the need for a new Gulf entente based on collective action, writes wrties Imad K. Harb.

At Mecca meetings, Riyadh will only get 'verbal solidarity'

29 May, 2019

Analysis: Given GCC disunity and lack of readiness among Arab League states, it is doubtful that the emergency meetings will satisfy Saudi leaders' hopes in a full-fledged entente against Iran.

Trump ends waivers and inches towards war with Iran

30 April, 2019

Comment: Trump's ill-advised decision to end the waiver against sanctions from nations that buy oil from Iran marks a dangerous escalation for the whole region, writes Imad K. Harb.

Haftar's attempted coup and Trump’s collusion over Libya

29 April, 2019

Comment: Renegade General Haftar's attempted coup in Tripoli is being backed by international and regional authoritarians, writes Imad K. Harb.

Beware the military management of Algerian and Sudanese transitions

12 April, 2019

Comment: Protesters should be cautious and refuse to relinquish the process of change to the military, writes Imad K. Harb.

Trump's Hanoi failure and many others

08 March, 2019

Comment: Trump's foreign policy from East Asia to the Middle East has proven to be a haphazard exercise in futility, writes Imad K. Harb.

Imad K. Harb
Imad K. Harb

Imad K. Harb is the Director of Research and Analysis at Arab Center Washington DC.

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