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Marta Bellingreri

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Marta Bellingreri
Marta Bellingreri

Marta Bellingreri is a freelance researcher and writer based in Italy.

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Iraqis raise their voices for women's rights

27 November, 2018

Protests take place in Baghdad condemning the ongoing violence against women, as the number of females being killed in Iraq, under the guise of honour, grows.

After IS, Mosul vows to restore its great monuments

16 August, 2018

Marta Bellingreri visits Mosul, tracing the history of its once grand monuments that celebrated its vibrant multi-cultural history, which locals vow to restore after they were torn apart by IS.

Iraqis struggle with social anxiety after Islamic State rule

09 July, 2018

Feature: War, death and destruction has left many unable to leave their homes after living in fear under Islamic State rule, writes Marta Bellingreri.

Iraqi journalists struggle for survival

12 June, 2018

Feature: Iraq remains one of the world's most dangerous countries for journalists as they continue to be targeted,but different voices are still pushing for press freedom, writes Marta Bellingreri.

Challenges and hope for female parliamentary candidates in Iraq

11 May, 2018

In-depth: Nearly a third of the 7,000 candidates in Iraq's elections are women - but many have had campaign posters torn down and faced threats and abuse, writes Marta Bellingreri.

How four Iraqi women's lives changed in 15 years

26 April, 2018

Feature: Marta Bellingreri speaks to the documentary makers of 'Women out of Darkness,' telling the story of four women by intertwining their lives in Iraq at different times and stages.

The struggle of refugee women across the sea

10 April, 2018

Feature: Women escaping war-torn countries to enter Europe for a better life are faced with many calamities, suffering the fate of all refugees along with gender-based violence, writes Marta Bellingreri.

Italy's newcomers face post-election hostility from all sides

24 March, 2018

In-depth: After an election which saw many Italians turn to anti-immigrant parties on both the left and the right, Italy's newcomers fear for their future, writes Marta Bellingreri.

Italy tries Eritrean refugee as world's most dangerous trafficker

09 February, 2018

In-depth: A man on trial in Italy as one of the world's most notorious people-smugglers may be a simple Eritrean migrant mis-identified by Sudan and extradited to Italy by mistake.

Choufthounna: The feminist art festival in Tunisia

16 November, 2017

The New Arab went to a feminist art festival in Tunisia, with performances, classes and demonstations from all over the world,

Tunisia's migrants and the man who digs their graves

09 November, 2017

In-depth: Chamseddine, a former fisherman, finds the corpses along the coast and arranges their burial, reports Marta Bellingreri.

Innocent Iraqi boys swept up in IS child-soldier hunt

23 August, 2017

Exclusive: Hundreds of teenage boys have been rounded up by Iraqi troops in Mosul, where they now face military trials, accused of being Islamic State group fighters, reports Marta Bellingreri.

Marta Bellingreri
Marta Bellingreri

Marta Bellingreri is a freelance researcher and writer based in Italy.

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