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A Yemeni journalist

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A Yemeni journalist
A Yemeni journalist

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Could the Riyadh agreement end Yemen's crisis?

17 July, 2020

Analysis: Efforts to revive the Riyadh agreement are unlikely to end Yemen's multi-faceted conflict.

How Saudi Arabia seeks to keep Yemen divided

01 July, 2020

In-depth: The separatist takeover of Socotra island is indicative of Saudi Arabia's approval for efforts which undermine Yemen's unity.

The death of journalism in Yemen's war

29 April, 2020

The threat of execution has now become a potential punishment against journalists in Yemen, reflecting the deadly reality of reporting in the war-torn country.

War-weary Yemenis eye a shaky ceasefire with suspicion

14 April, 2020

Comment: Five years of conflict have taught Yemenis that ceasefires are usually followed by a fresh surge in fighting on the frontlines, writes a Yemeni journalist.

How war has handcuffed journalism in Yemen

07 January, 2020

The longer the war lasts in Yemen, the more dangerous the journalism profession becomes.

Will Saudi-brokered deal stop UAE's meddling in Yemen's south?

27 October, 2019

Saudi media released some details of an agreement which covered contentious political and military issues, but how this deal is expected to yield fruit remains to be seen.

Swelling losses for Saudi Arabia vs Houthis' boosting confidence

09 October, 2019

While the Saudi-led coalition failures in Yemen keep swelling, the Houthi confidence keeps boosting.

A life or death battle for Yemen's Aden

29 August, 2019

Fighting between the government and the separatists, seen as a civil war within Yemen's already complex conflict, sparks fears it could break apart unless a peace deal is forged soon.

Saudi betrayal of Yemen laid bare in Aden

23 August, 2019

Comment: Saudi Arabia has been leading a destructive war in Yemen, but has now allowed a second coup against the government it claims to back, writes a Yemeni journalist.

Yemen 'welcomes' Ramadan amid war, blockade and fuel crisis

08 May, 2019

Ramadan in Yemen is even more difficult as millions of people undergo severe humanitarian conditions while armed clashes intensify in several battlegrounds.

Trump's business before humanity mantra is wrecking Yemeni lives

29 April, 2019

Comment: For Trump, business deals come first and humanity little more than an afterthought, writes a Yemeni journalist.

Yemen's parliament revives legitimacy of embattled government

18 April, 2019

The internationally recognised parliament is back to life after four years of being out of work, ushering a major political development in the country.

A Yemeni journalist
A Yemeni journalist

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