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Courtney Freer

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Courtney Freer
Courtney Freer

Dr Courtney Freer is a research fellow at LSE's Middle East Centre.

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The Gulf crisis's 'internationalisation' makes it harder to resolve

05 June, 2020

Comment: The more the GCC rift spreads, the more difficult it will be to negotiate or to change the status quo, writes Courtney Freer.

Stalled Newcastle bid exposes limits of Saudi money

28 May, 2020

Comment: The WTO's objection to Mohammed bin Salman's Newcastle United deal won't fix Saudi Arabia's human rights record, but it's a step in the right direction, writes Courtney Freer.

What will be left of Saudi Vision 2030, post-coronavirus?

15 May, 2020

Comment: As coronavirus and oil revenues force the Saudi government to make cuts that will impact its citizens, the fate of its grandiose Vision 2030 looks uncertain, writes Courtney Freer.

Can Gulf countries survive without their foreign workers post-pandemic?

11 May, 2020

Comment: Some Gulf states are looking to capitalise on coronavirus and prioritise jobs for citizens, but expatriate flight is problematic, writes Courtney Freer.

How MbS enraged a tribe and created a martyr

23 April, 2020

Comment: The displacement of a tribe in Saudi Arabia to pave the way for a future megacity signifies the crown prince's drive for control over tribal forces, writes Courtney Freer.

Saudi Arabia's record-shattering executions are mass murder

21 April, 2020

Comment: Saudi Arabia's recent execution spree makes the regime deadlier than ever, but don't expect Trump to hear any criticism from Trump, writes Courtney Freer.

Saudi oil price war relents, but uncertain future awaits

15 April, 2020

Comment: Losses in Saudi Arabia's efforts to diversify have cast doubt on the future of Mohammed bin Salman's ambitious megaprojects, writes Courtney Freer.

Saudi-Russia oil price deal a test of US leverage

06 April, 2020

Comment: Much is at stake for Trump's domestic and international reputation in brokering the global energy pricing war, writes Courtney Freer.

Coronavirus gives GCC markets a glimpse of post-oil reality

24 March, 2020

Comment: The coronavirus pandemic has revealed the extent to which energy producers are vulnerable to the decline in global energy markets, writes Courtney Freer.

MbS has a problem his royal purge can't solve

12 March, 2020

Comment: The crown prince's second royal purge consolidates power within the kingdom, but won't protect him from plunging oil prices and a vulnerable economy, writes Courtney Freer.

Gulf leaders can't ignore public opposition to Trump's deal

05 February, 2020

Comment: Those Gulf states that support normalising ties with Israel are facing opposition from the public's staunch support for Palestinians, writes Courtney Freer.

Don't expect White House reproach over Bezos phone hack

30 January, 2020

Comment: Even if a US investigation concludes Saudi Arabia hacked the phones of Bezos and a US journalist, it's unlikely to rattle US-Saudi relations, writes Courtney Freer.

Courtney Freer
Courtney Freer

Dr Courtney Freer is a research fellow at LSE's Middle East Centre.

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