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Mel Plant

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Mel Plant
Mel Plant

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Hints of rapprochement between rivals Egypt and Turkey, explained

17 June, 2020

Behind-the-scenes talks indicate warming ties between longtime rivals Egypt and Turkey but Emirati influence over Cairo looks to hamper negotiations.

Second wave feared after Middle East eases lockdown measures

16 June, 2020

Iran, Israel and Turkey have all seen cases surge after coronavirus lockdown measures were eased in an attempt to kickstart the economy.

Mashrou Leila frontman sings moving tribute to gay activist

16 June, 2020

The openly gay frontman of Lebanese alternative band Mashrou Leila has voiced his support for Sarah Hegazi, the Egyptian LGBTQ+ activist who died by suicide last week.

Libya is catastrophically ill-equipped to battle coronavirus. Here's why

01 April, 2020

The shortcomings of Libya's healthcare system go beyond the conflict, and are rooted in deep-seated corruption.

Sudan's rapprochement with Israel exposes weakness of democratic transition

05 February, 2020

A secretive meeting between Israel's Netanyahu and Sudan's Burhan has put the nature of the country's transitional government under the spotlight.

One year on, Sudan's revolution hangs in the balance

20 December, 2019

In-depth: Hopes for peace and justice remain unclear a year after the start of Sudan's revolution, Mel Plant writes.

Middle East women killed, blinded, imprisoned and kidnapped

25 November, 2019

Women continue to face extreme violence throughout the region, whether from former partners or while protesting on the streets.

Egypt is building a concrete wall around Sharm el-Sheikh

25 October, 2019

Investigation: Desperate for foreign cash, the Egyptian regime has cooked up a plan to revive the tourist mecca of Sharm el-Sheikh by building a wall around the city.

Why is refugee-friendly Turkey turning its back on Syrians?

20 August, 2019

Turkey threatens to split apart families with the decision to force unregistered Syrian refugees out of Istanbul. Why have tensions with Syrians risen so high?

'Too big to lose': Inside the battle for Istanbul

22 June, 2019

In-depth: For the first time in 24 years, Turkey's AKP lost control of Istanbul. Now, the battle is happening all over again.

Online investigators try to trace Baghdadi's whereabouts

30 April, 2019

Amateur online sleuths and professional analysts are, alongside intelligence officials, hard at work trying to pinpoint IS leader Baghdadi's whereabouts based on a new - and rare - propaganda video.

Inside the sit-in that brought down Sudan's dictator Bashir

12 April, 2019

For six days, masses of Sudanese protesters have rallied day and night for an end to the regime that has governed them for three decades. They are not stopping now.

Mel Plant
Mel Plant

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