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Rauf Mammadov

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Rauf Mammadov
Rauf Mammadov

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Russia and Turkey on collision course in Libya's conflict

04 August, 2020

Analysis: Moscow and Ankara are vying for influence in Libya, but their competing economic interests could collide.

Inside how the Russia-Saudi oil price war finally ended

16 April, 2020

The oil price war pushed relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia to breaking point.

Oil price war: Why Russia left the OPEC+ regime

17 March, 2020

Some experts believe Russia decided to ratchet up its oil output to finish off the US shale industry. But is there more to it?

Assessing Saudi Aramco leaders' statements at Davos

28 January, 2020

Riyadh put its best face forward at the 2020 World Economic Forum as it basked in the glow of 2019's public offering of shares in Saudi Aramco.

Iran's behaviour will determine the global oil price game

07 January, 2020

Prices are likely to stabilise as Iran decides how to retaliate, and when.

Saudi Aramco stock bonanza is boosting the crown prince

18 December, 2019

The record valuation, which defied sceptics' predictions that the stock price would wallow, cheered Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who had championed the public offering.

The challenges and implications for Saudi Aramco's IPO

19 November, 2019

Saudi Aramco has finally set an initial public offering date in December while the country's Capital Market Authority has placed a number of conditions to reduce risk.

Putin's Riyadh trip hints next chapter of Russia-Saudi ties

09 October, 2019

As Putin makes his second visit to Riyadh in 12 years, Saudi-Russia relations remain steady, despite the countries being on different sides of several thorny geopolitical issues.

The sweeping implications of the attacks on Saudi Aramco

23 September, 2019

The attacks on Saudi Arabia, the world's largest oil producer, show there are circumstances under which an energy-dominant country can lose its supposed dominance fast.

Rauf Mammadov
Rauf Mammadov

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