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Sarah Khalil

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Sarah Khalil
Sarah Khalil

Sarah Khalil

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Baytna Baytak: Heart-warming initiative houses Lebanon's medics for free

28 March, 2020

The Baytna Baytak, "Our house is your house", is a project helping dozens of Lebanese medics find free accommodation to allow them to self-isolate away from family.

The Lebanese student vlogging from coronavirus' ground zero Wuhan

07 February, 2020

Adham Al Sayed has been vlogging daily life from Wuhan seeking to dispel misconceptions about the quarantined city seen as ground zero of the deadly coronavirus.

Three months after Lebanon's uprising began, protesters target banks

17 January, 2020

In-depth: Public anger has boiled over in crisis-hit Lebanon as the protest movement enters its third month. The New Arab interviewed an activist to understand why banks are being targeted.

A decade in photos: Images that moved the world

26 December, 2019

The New Arab puts together some of the most iconic photographs emerging from the region between 2010 and 2019. Some images may be distressing.

Suicide epidemic sweeps Lebanon amid economic downturn

05 December, 2019

Two suicides were reported on Wednesday by local media in Lebanon, as concern grew over the mental state of citizens amid harsh economic conditions.

This is why feminist issues are driving Lebanon's protests

07 November, 2019

While demonstrating dire economic conditions and rampant corruption of the country's political elite, Lebanese women are also fighting for an even more basic right: to be treated as an equal.

Revolutionaries, not 'babes': Stop objectifying Lebanon's women protesters

22 October, 2019

Why have some chosen to focus on the appearance of Lebanese women in the recent wave of nationwide protests?

Lebanon's diaspora takes anti-government protest movement global

20 October, 2019

Hundreds of Lebanese abroad held their own rallies in support of demonstrations back home, where tens of thousands are protesting political stasis and corruption.

Weddings, DJs and Baby Shark: Protesting the Lebanese way

20 October, 2019

As thousands rallied across the country's major cities, videos emerged showing crowds protesting in a typical Lebanese fashion, with fireworks, dabke performances, a wedding celebration and a DJ-hosted party.

UK refuses to apologise for Balfour Declaration

26 April, 2017

"We are proud of our role in creating the State of Israel" is what the British government said in response to an online petition demanding an apology over Balfour Declaration.

Nursing wounds: A joyless Christmas in Syria

25 December, 2016

Avid campaigner for peace in the Middle East, Reverend Nadim Nassar speaks to The New Arab about the fate of Christians in the region and the pitfalls that lie ahead.

'Largest' student union in Britain adopts BDS

10 December, 2016

University of Manchester's student union adopted BDS motions on Thursday as activists seek to pressure university administrators to withdraw investments from Israeli companies.

Sarah Khalil
Sarah Khalil

Sarah Khalil

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