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Basma Barakat

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Basma Barakat
Basma Barakat

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Clinton's testimony on Tunis attack called into question

02 November, 2015

Analysis: Authorities in Tunis have cast doubts over the account of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the attack against the US embassy in 2012.

Ben Ali's homes set to go under the hammer

07 September, 2015

The Tunisian ministry of state property and land affairs will soon make a decision regarding the sale of properties belonging to ousted President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and his relatives.

Red armbands for Tunisian police in work conditions protest

04 August, 2015

Tunisian police personnel, who say they work long hours in difficult conditions and in return for low wages, hope the Interior Ministry will resume negotiations with them.

Women play critical role in jihadist groups

01 June, 2015

Feature: Women are apparently experts in recruiting new members to armed organisations via social media, reports Basma Barakat.

Dozens of detained Tunisians released from Libyan captivity

21 May, 2015

Tunisia's foreign ministry says 60 of its citizens have been released from detention in Libya, leaving more than 100 still under arrest.

The women behind Tunisia's revolution

16 January, 2015

Following the departure of Ben Ali from Tunisia, women have fought, not only to advance women's rights, but to build new freedoms for all citizens.

Family remember struggle of Mohamed Bouazizi

17 December, 2014

Mohamed Bouazizi set fire to himself on 17 December 2010 in protest at oppression in Tunisia. His family remember him four years on as a man who was trying his best to feed his family.

Essebsi shies away from the cameras

26 November, 2014

With round two of Tunisia's presidential elections approaching, challenger Beji Caid Essebsi has rejected a challenge from his opponent Moncef Marzouki to take part in a televised debate.

Basma Barakat
Basma Barakat

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