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Gaia Caramazza

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Gaia Caramazza
Gaia Caramazza

Gaia Caramazza is a London-based multimedia journalist and staff writer for The New Arab

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Why you should care about the arrests in Egypt

20 November, 2020

More than 60,000 political prisoners have been incarcerated since Fattah al-Sisi’s power grab in 2013.

Trump imposes sanctions on former Lebanese foreign minister Bassil

06 November, 2020

Trump’s administration has placed sanctions on Gebran Bassil, one of Lebanon's top Christian politicians, in an effort to weaken the Iranian-backed movement Hezbollah.

London mayor boycotts G20 in stance against Saudi Arabia

30 September, 2020

The New Arab learned that the mayor’s office will stray from previous years and rescind the presence of the Greater London Authority to observe the meetings at the Urban 20.

Rights group commends Kuwait for new domestic violence law

30 September, 2020

On 20 September, the Kuwaiti National Assembly passed a law granting protections for the survivors of domestic violence.

Lebanese-British journalist snubs Saudi G20 invitation citing women's rights

11 September, 2020

While many have lauded Zahra Hankir for her boycott, her post sparked substantial backlash.

Turkey 'will not deport' Iranian anti-hijab activist: officials

08 September, 2020

Reports claimed the Turkish government promised it will not deport Shariatmadari, and that her detention was simply due to problems with her residency permit.

China's war on Uighur women

19 August, 2020

In-depth: China's mass sterilisation of Uighur Muslim women is rooted in Beijing's obsession with extreme population control.

Lebanese mobilise to clean up Beirut after deadly blast

06 August, 2020

Beirut residents are taking matters into their own hands by cleaning up the mess caused by a blast that has been compared to Hiroshima.

Jordanians demand justice for slain domestic violence victim Ahlam

24 July, 2020

'We want a feminist revolution,' demanded women demonstrators en masse, as hashtags #stopkillingwomenjordan and #Ahlam_Was_Betrayed flooded social media platforms.

Deadly silence: The fight against FGM in Arab states

10 July, 2020

In-depth: More than 4.1 million girls and women are at risk of undergoing female genital mutilation in 2020.

UK urged to intervene in case of 'tortured' Bahrainis

09 July, 2020

Bahraini security officials who allegedly tortured the two men received training that was partly funded by Britain.

Bella Hadid accuses Instagram of 'silencing' Palestine’s history

08 July, 2020

Palestinian-American model Bella Hadid has slammed Instagram's 'censorship' of her father's birthplace.

Gaia Caramazza
Gaia Caramazza

Gaia Caramazza is a London-based multimedia journalist and staff writer for The New Arab

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