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The Iraq Report: Deadly unrest in Iraqi Kurdistan

18 December, 2020

With a crumbling economy, rampant corruption and unpaid salaries, Iraqi Kurdistan's woes are intricately linked to the wider problems the country faces as a whole.

The Iraq Report: Sadr makes a gamble for power

04 December, 2020

The powerful cleric's political ambitions have been branded a cynical ploy by youth protesters who have been demonstrating against corruption, a dire economic situation, and state-backed violence.

The Iraq Report: Mass execution sparks international concern

20 November, 2020

The execution of 21 men on terrorism-related charges, and warnings hundreds more risk the same fate, have raised fears that Iraq's counterterrorism laws are unfairly targeting Sunni citizens.

The Iraq Report: Pro-Iran militias emboldened by Biden's victory

13 November, 2020

While those in official circles are generally in favour of a new US administration under Joe Biden, Iraqi civil society and activists are more divided in their reactions.

TNA Instagram

11 November, 2020

Stories from Instagram this month

The Iraq Report: Sectarian killings revive fears of strife

23 October, 2020

A mass killing and an attack on Kurdish political headquarters suggest ethno-sectarian tensions are flaring again, with many questioning whether Iraq can resolve such disputes under its current system.

The Iraq Report: US troop withdrawal risks drone warfare

16 October, 2020

A drawdown of American diplomacy and the withdrawal of US land forces could instead herald enhanced military involvement in Iraq using air assets and drones.

The Iraq Report: US drawdown will embolden Iran's proxies

18 September, 2020

Iran-backed militias will feel emboldened by a reduction of capable enemies on their doorstep, and could seek to expand their power and influence even further.

TNA Voice Podcast: Disney's complicity in China's rights abuses

11 September, 2020

Our podcast bringing you compelling stories from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and beyond.

The Iraq Report: France asserts itself as US withdraws

09 September, 2020

France is eyeing a role in Iraq as the United States continues to drawdown its presence in the country.

TNA Webinar Video: Can community-led efforts Build Beirut Back?

04 September, 2020

Our webinar series hosts live discussions on issues related to the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and beyond

The Iraq Report: Anti-corruption activists assassinated with impunity

28 August, 2020

A series of prominent figures, from academics to social media influencers and political activists, are once again being targeted for assassination.

The New Arab
The New Arab

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