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#MuslimApartments: Twitter ridicules media raid on alleged shooters' home

Twitter users have criticised the media's controversial raid on the shooters' home [YouTube]

Date of publication: 8 December, 2015

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Blog: Social media users have taken to Twitter to mock the US media's descent upon the home of the alleged California shooters, by tweeting out mundane images inside their homes.

The home of the two alleged shooters behind the killing of 14 people in California last week was controversially stormed by the media on Friday, offering a look at the life of the married couple behind the carnage.

Various broadcasts showed journalists rifling through the apartment of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, inspecting so-called "Muslim items" in the home.

Within hours of the bizarre incident, social media users took to Twitter to respond, calling out the media's Islamophobic behaviour.

Users began tweeting photos of items such as cats, fish, books and everyday kitchenware, under the trending hashtag #MuslimApartments:

[Twitter - @NavilaRashid]

"Y'all really get a kick out of raiding apartments don't ya? Here's my #MuslimApartment," said social worker Navila Rashid.

"I've also converted my cat, who routinely prays inside my #MuslimApartment," tweeted poet Roqayah Chamseddine.

"Hey @MSNBC, here's a stack of totally sinister books in my #MuslimApartment," said Mariam Hosseini.

"#MuslimApartment @MSNBC making some Chai (tea) at my house. You can come over for some. Just ask before you barge in," tweeted Mihrimah Irena.

Delo Taylor summed it all up perfectly: "Keep fighting hate with humour."

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