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Syrian protester screams at Prime Minister's gates over Aleppo Open in fullscreen

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Syrian protester screams at Prime Minister's gates over Aleppo

Protests outside Downing Street over Aleppo have been continuing since Monday [AFP]

Date of publication: 16 December, 2016

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Sawsan Abou Zainedin, an active Syrian protester in London, became completely frustrated over the government's lack of action on Aleppo.
A video emerged on Friday of a young Syrian woman screaming at the gates of the UK prime minister, angry and frustrated at the government’s inaction in Syria.

Sawsan Abou Zainedin, from Suweida in Syria, was almost arrested after she screamed at police officers to let her into Downing Street over an extended period of time.

“We have been protesting constantly since Monday, but the government acts as if we don’t exist,” she said.

“I was urging the guard to let me speak to anyone inside because we can't wait for their bureaucracy.”

The video has been shared hundreds of times on social media and viewed by thousands.

Speaking with The New Arab, Abu Zainedin said she hadn’t slept the night previous and was completely frustrated with the situation in Aleppo.

“I wrote to Emily Thornberry, my MP and the shadow foreign minister, but I didn’t receive a response.”

The police reportedly took her to one side and took her details, before threatening to arrest her if she did not move along.

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