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Video 'guide to gay rights' in Morocco goes viral Open in fullscreen

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Video 'guide to gay rights' in Morocco goes viral

The animation aims to inform homosexuals on their rights in Morocco [Collectif Aswat/YouTube]

Date of publication: 16 December, 2016

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An animation has been created by the Collectif Aswat group aiming to inform homosexuals in Morocco of their rights in case they are detained by authorities.
An animated video educating gay Moroccans on their rights if they are arrested has gone viral.

Collectif Aswat, a non-profit organisation calling for Morocco to repeal its homosexuality ban, created the video as a "tutorial" for gay couples on what to do if they are accused or caught by authorities.

The animation, first posted on 10 December, International Day of Human Rights, has now been watched more than 30,000 times.

It shows two men being caught and arrested by police officers, who then mistreat and humiliate them.

Homosexual activity is punishable in Morocco by up to three years in jail. A divisive law - known as Article 489 - has been the subject of several protests.

Rights groups, including Human Rights Watch, have demanded Moroccan authorities to decriminalise homosexuality, calling Article 489 a violation of international human rights law.

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