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Kuwaiti arrested after 'torturing' Egyptian man in shocking video Open in fullscreen

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Kuwaiti arrested after 'torturing' Egyptian man in shocking video

The video showed the assailant assaulting the naked Egyptian man [YouTube]

Date of publication: 31 May, 2016

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Kuwaiti authorities have arrested a shop owner after a video showing him torturing a naked Egyptian man surfaced online.

A Kuwaiti shop owner has been arrested after a video of him beating a naked Egyptian man emerged on social media, Egypt's foreign ministry announced on Monday.

"The assailant, identified as Ali Abdullah al-Shamri, gave a detailed confession about the incident, which took place nearly a year and a half ago after his mobile phones shop was robbed," the ministry's statement read.

The Egyptian man behind the camera has also been arrested, the ministry added.

He admitted he posted the video online following a financial dispute with the owner.

Kuwaiti authorities have also shut down the shop.

In the video, the man - identified as a stateless resident of Kuwait - is seen verbally and physically assaulting the Egyptian victim, who was standing naked in a corner while crying and pleading.

At some point, the Kuwaiti man is seen grabbing the Egyptian by the hair while slapping him and insulting his father, before threatening to urinate on him.

The video was quickly removed from YouTube for violating its policy on harassment and bullying.

Bidoon or Kuwaiti?

In its statement, the ministry claimed that the assailant was a "Bidoon" [stateless resident of Kuwait]. However, many found this questionable, as stateless people do not have the right to own property or businesses in Kuwait.

Translation: How can he be a non-Kuwaiti and an illegal resident and still own a mobile phone shop and sponsor an Egyptian worker?

Some people have suggested that the ministry’s claim was false and aimed to relieve Kuwait from responsibility and avoid tensions between the two countries.

'Justice for the Egyptian'

The disturbing video has provoked angry reactions among Egyptians around the world, with social media users condemning the incident and launching an online campaign calling for justice for the victim.

Translation: Only when justice is achieved for Egyptians in Egypt should we search for justice abroad.

Translation: We are being treated like slaves abroad, and the state will remain silent as long as it doesn't cost it a penny.

Translation: You're asking the government that humiliates Egyptians to bring justice from a country that gives it aid? Do you think he who gave up two islands will not sacrifice one citizen?

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