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Some voters prefer giant meteor over Clinton, Trump

Many US voters would rather see the earth destroyed [Twitter]

Date of publication: 3 July, 2016

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A new polls shows that 13 percent of US voters prefer a giant meteor hitting the earth, and supposedly destroying it, over a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump presidency.

A new poll has revealed that 13 percent of American voters would rather have a giant meteor hit the earth than support either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the country's upcoming elections.

Public Policy Polling (PPP) offered the hypothetical "Giant Meteor" option in its latest survey. 

Forty-three percent picked Clinton, 38 percent picked Trump and 13 percent picked the Giant Meteor hitting earth. Another Seven percent were unsure.

The giant meteor has support across the ideological spectrum, with 23 percent support amongst somewhat or very liberal voters, 16 percent amongst moderate voters and 21 percent amongst somewhat or very conservative voters.

The poll also found that men are more likely to support the giant meteor than women, while an equal percentage of Republicans and Democrats supported the destruction of the earth over a Trump or Clinton presidency.

A whopping 27 percent of independents support the giant meteor, compared to 31 percent supporting Trump and 35 percent Clinton.

Asked about real-life presidential candidates, Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, leads Trump, her Republican counterpart, in the poll by four points, 45 to 41 percent, while five percent opt for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, two percent pick Green Party candidate Jill Stein and seven percent remain undecided.

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